Aj styles is the greatest pro wrestler of this generation

Aj styles is the greatest wrestler of this generation

Aj Styles-The best wrestler in the world

Aj styles, aka Allen Jones'', is arguably the greatest wrestler of this generation. 

He is the current WWE world champion and the two times US champion. He is also a former TNA world champion and 2 times IWGP Heavyweight Champion. He has won championships title all over the world. Aj debuted in WWE as a surprise entrance no.3 at royal rumble and shocked the world cause nobody thought AJ would ever be in WWE. 

The next big thing of WWE

His arrival was a huge gain for WWE,  cause they were struggling to replace their top stars who were out with injuries.

Aj styles is a once in a lifetime wrestler, his move sets and storytelling ability will amaze you every time you see him inside the ropes and, when it comes to a match quality he is second to none. He gave classic after classic matches and his arrival was probably a fresh air to breathe for WWE.

Heart of the matter

His match with John Cena at summer slam is one of the greatest matches of all time. Aj styles bring unique energy during his matches, he makes his opponent look so good and his selling is out of the charts. And his biggest strength as a wrestler is he can wrestle any size of his opponent he is that good, he is often compared to the legend HBK by fans, wrestlers and some journalists.

Aj style was voted as the pro-wrestler of the year on a different occasion by Wrestler's Observer Newsletter as well as pro-wrestling illustrated Magazine.

AJ is also a good father and a great human being. He is the hottest thing going on in WWE right now, his title reign has already entered into the list of Top 10 longest reigning champions and he is yet to lose his championship title, we could possibly see him as the modern-day longest reigning champion if he stays champion for another two months. 

Bottom line: 

Aj styles is truly the greatest wrestler at the moment. In fact, the sky's the limit for AJ styles and truth be told, he deserves every accolade he is getting at this right moment cause nobody else deserves more than him, he busted his ass off to be where he is right now. I can only wish him a stroke of good luck for a once in a lifetime wrestler and a truly elite performer like him.

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