My opinion on why English Premier League is the best Football League

English Premier League is the best football league

 English Premier League is the best football league                    

The English Premier League is the best league in the world without a shadow of a doubt, this football season proves its whole testimony. 

This league is on fire this season with five strong teams fighting for the title as usual and, the most beautiful thing about this league is its unpredictability, teams from the bottom of the table can beat teams staying at the top of the table.

Beautiful nature of EPL

Every match of this league is a pure joy to watch, the fans of this league are so deeply invested with each of their own teams and perhaps they could be possibly the craziest fans of football as well. 

The matches in this league are played more physical than tactical, it's more direct and faster, unlike other leagues. The matches of this league are often played on the weekend with 30 teams going toe to toe. Some team plays to win the trophy and some plays to survive the relegation.

The top four teams at the end of the season get to qualify for the champions league spot and team in the fifth position qualifies for the Europa league

Memories of EPL

The premier league has produced so many memories and classic matches to remember, some of the all-time best classic matches are Liverpool vs Manchester United and Arsenal vs Manchester United. Manchester United and Arsenal vs Manchester United.

Manchester United has won the most League title with a record of 20 league titles and Crystal Palace have been relegated for a record 4 times. EPL has been producing so many world class players from the past two decades continuously, and almost every world class players from the past and present have played in this league.

Bottom line:

Literally, every football player dreams of playing in the
Premier league because of the nature of this league and that alone can justify how great it is. Matter of fact, there are so many great players who regret never playing in this league. 

This league never stops getting better with this season even getting better than before, the competitive nature of this league is something to take.

Apparently, this league is the perfect example of why so many people love football. Matter of fact, this league is the sole reason why I started watching football.

If you love football, please let me know your thoughts of this league and your favorite team on the comment section below.

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