Three reasons why WWE always needs John Cena

Reason why WWE needs john cena

WWE always needs John Cena to Save Them

John Cena has been out of WWE for almost a year now, he has distanced himself from WWE as of late focusing more on his Hollywood career. 

Well, there was a time that people would love for Cena to not be on their screen week in and week out, but now everyone is just waiting with bated breath for his return. But is it necessary? 
Well, this is my blog, and today we will be looking at three reasons why WWE always needs John Cena.

Lack of Star-Power:

WWE is trying to build new stars to fill the void left by Stars like Roman, Owens, and Sami who are out with injuries. 
And their biggest draw Brock Lesnar has a contract of limited work schedule so he won’t be any time soon in WWE, if not necessary.

 WWE is doing their best to keep fans invested in their product but their continues decline of ratings is huge concern fans are no more invested in what they are trying to sell. This issue tells us that there is lack of star power in it and whether we like it or not WWE must bring John Cena sooner than later he is a proven draw and he is possibly the biggest draw in WWE. His return will boost WWE a lot in every aspect.

Regeneration of interest:

WWE currently doesn’t have any interesting storylines, everything is just dull at the moment.

 They have a ton of talent and added even more by including Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Andrade “Cien” Almas, but nothing has been interesting since WrestleMania. And top stars like AJ and Bryan have also been engaged in a dull feud. 

Thus, bringing John Cena and letting his feud with some of the new faces will be fresh air to breathe for the fans, he has been in this business for almost two decades, he knows how to make things interesting, that’s why he has been the face of WWE from a long time.

Dream match:

John Cena and Samoa Joe started their career together and share a history, but different career’s path kept them apart until Joe finally arrived in WWE. 

Fans around the world have been waiting for these two to lock horn from a long time, and Samoa Joe has been waiting for a chance to take his career to the next level and feuding with Cena will probably take Joe to the next level. 

WWE teased a potential feud between the two but it never came to fruition, they must now seriously consider bringing back Cena and let him feud with Joe which is the best thing to do for business.

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