Lionel Messi must play in English Premier League before he hangs up his boots

Lionel messi must play in english premier league

Lionel Messi must play in English Premier League

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest player of this generation. He has all the qualities and characteristic that a football player has to have and has been an inspiration for many young upcoming footballers. 

He is definitely without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest of this game.
He has been with Barcelona F.C since he made his debut 15 years ago and the rumors of him leaving his parent club came up numerous times but it never happened. Messi on many occasions said that his only plan at the moment is to end his career with Barca and moreover, he is not a spring chicken anymore, his age is not in his favor. 

Messi in the English Premier League?

With that being said, however, playing in the English League has been probably a dream project for many footballers because of the beautiful nature of this league.  

Virtually every player in the world wants to play in the Premier League at some point in their career and we have seen so many football legends regret not playing in this league. And one question that always hits my mind is, will Messi ever play for the English Club? Will, we ever see him week in and week out at Old Trafford or Anfield or Stamford Bridge? 

Well, that might just be imaginary but you know what, everything is possible in football, it is simply unpredictable. As a matter of fact, who thought Ronaldo will ever leave Madrid and who thought Neymar will ever leave his dream club Barca. However, that doesn’t mean Messi has the same heart as Ronaldo or Neymar. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying my dear.

Lionel messi must play in the english premier league

Will Messi’s magic work in the English Premier League?

It would be fascinating to watch how he copes with the physical nature of English football because he has been playing in a league where the physical style of football is a minority. And he is the architecture of the brand style of One-Touch football Barca plays. 

Apparently, this is the reason why so many fans around the world highly doubt he would succeed in the English league. But, truth be told, he started his footballing career at the place where matches were played more physical than the Premier League. He is a natural talent and a magician. His dribbling is considered to be the best the game has ever seen, and he passes the ball with the precision of a brain surgeon. 

Moreover, he can play any style of a football match the world can offer, that’s what a great player normally does. It'll be unfair to judge the ability of the greatest player alive.

The Bottom Line:

Lionel Messi is certainly going to end his career soon and he has won almost everything with Barca. So it’s time for him to take a new career path and join the English premier League before he hangs up his boots.

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