Opinion-Is Lionel Messi the greatest footballer of all time

is messi the greatest footballer

IS Messi the Greatest footballer of all time?

Lionel Messi is always in the conversation of the greatest player of all time and he's a five-period world Player of the Year, he's Barcelona's all-time top goalscorer with goals that are more than 313, he's won six La-Liga titles and 3 UEFA Champions League titles – all with Barca. 

This season he has been quite up and down in La-Liga matches against some teams in the league but he’s still dominating the headlines around the world, and that’s something many players can’t do. 

There is no wonder that Messi arguably boasts the world's best player's name, but is he the greatest ever? Apparently, Messi as the greatest of all time is always a question mark. Hmmm, that’s tough. 

But, here are some of the greatest players who could perhaps be the greatest of all time.


Pele was a player scoring one thousand goals, in his time. He won 3 times to the World Cup, the first was in the age of just 17 in 1958, the forwards sent shockwaves with his talent. 

On the flip side and Messi is to raise any trophy of importance, and critics may argue that until a World Cup is lit up by him. He could be never thought of as the best. 

Messi has performed with the failure to feature in Europe of Pele and in the level of club football, critics claim that rather than doing so he can't be the best, and that’s quite stupid. But, whatsoever the topic maybe, Pele is frequently viewed the greatest of all time by many fans around the world.
is messi the greatest footballer

Diego Maradona:

The charismatic star has been undoubtedly one of the best players to grace the game. His distinctive skill and command with the ball help hail him among the best. 

The former Argentina manager scored that many describe as the ideal goal of all time against England in the 1986 World Cup.

He also won the World Cup and famously inspired a little time Napoli to a league win. However, despite all of his accolades, Maradona's off-field exploits helped limit his playing profession and concurrently tarnished it. “Most notably when he was banned for using cocaine in 1991”.

Johan Cruyff:

He is the third name that comes to our mind. The outraged Dutchman was a glorious player through his playing career. 

The former Ajax legend is seen from many as the catalyst of Barcelona's latest success and distinctive playing style, Cruyff was inspiring in changing the entire ethos in the Catalan club, a platform that Messi has definitely taken advantage of. 

Despite not winning the World Cup like Messi, Cruyff has been very much the spearhead of the famous Ajax and Holland sides of the 1970 s. 

His idea of total football attacking style helped transform the game and his footballing ability certainly reflected his philosophies. Cruyff has been voted European footballer of the century since a consequence of his achievements.

is messi the greatest footballer

Zinedine Zidane:

The turn of the century has been on his era. The Frenchman's grace and manipulation of the ball have been actually a thing of beauty, so simple on the eye, but effective at the same time. 

He was unlucky not to win the World Cup in 2006. But, is he the greatest player ever? Well, we can debate this topic whole day long. However, he is easily one of the finest footballers the world has ever seen. And despite failing to win the world cup, he is distinctly one of the greatest of all time. 


The football world has witnessed so many legends and whosoever may be the best, these football legends will forever remain in the heart and memories of football fans. 

So, is messi the greatest of all time on your view? Please let me know on the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article. Thank you.

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