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Facts of indiancricket team

The Indian Cricket team untold facts

The Indian cricket team is currently without a shadow of a doubt the best cricket team in the world. There was a time when Indian cricket team had lots of great quality players but never dominated the world of cricket like they are dominating at the moment. 

Their recent test and ODI series win against Australia in Australia tells us the whole story. The Indian Cricket team is playing like they have nothing to lose at the moment, they are in fact playing a fearless Cricket which we never saw them playing for a long time. The confidence of this team is on whole another level right now.

Cricket facts of India

The Indian Cricket Board has done a splendid job to focus on their grassroots level and it’s certainly paying off. They have produced so many World Class players in recent years such as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Dhawan, Bumrah, only to name a few. However, that’s not to say other countries have not produced World Class players. 

But, if we look at the depth of the Indian cricket, there are tons and tons of top quality players waiting eagerly for their chance to make an impact. And kudos to the Indian Premier League which is giving these types of unused talent a fair amount of chances to shine. There is a robust hub and spoke model place where Cricketers from every district, towns, or even villages can aspire to catch the eye, move to bigger pictures and if good enough win the India cap, as many examples in the current Indian team demonstrate.

facts of indian cricket team

Indian Cricket facts

Indian Cricket has such a numerous amount of talent that they can create two or three teams at ease. And yes, there is room for improvement. Not every talented player gets the chance he deserves, as a matter of fact, they are many hungry cricketers in India that they will take every single chance and make it to the highest level.

And truth be told, to be a cricketer in India is tougher than to live in the Amazon forest for one year. Those who won the Indian cap knows the reality of how tough it is to make trough the Indian team, and these types of circumstances make them work even harder to keep their spot alive in the Indian Cricket team. And that’s one of the reasons why Indian Cricket has been able to produce so many world-class cricketers rapidly.


The Indian Cricket Team is stacked with world class players in almost every department at the moment, they also had so many world class players in the past too. But, the difference is the mentality and the confidence of the current Indian Cricket Team.

As far as I'm concerned, this could be the only reason why the Indian Cricket Team never dominated the cricket world despite the caliber of a player they had in the past. But, those days are gone, as the form of the current Indian squad is a complete joy to watch. I believe they would dominate cricket for a decade like the mighty Australian team did in the past. It’s a great time ahead for the fans of Indian Cricket Team.

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