Three reasons why Jose Mourinho’s Sack was a blessing in Disguise for Manchester United

Jose mourinho sacked by manchester united

Jose Mourinho sack could be good news

Jose Mourinho, aka the “Special One”, is one of the best Managers and probably the most successful of his era. 

He was appointed as a manager of Manchester United hoping to bring back United to its old self, but it turned out to be the opposite as he struggled to do so and eventually got sacked from Manchester United’s hot seat.

On the other hand, Manchester United after Mourinho’s sacking is now playing like they were never allowed to play on their full potential. Their recent match statistics and results distinctly show that there were some issues during his tenure. Was it because of the lack of new signings? Well welcome to my blog and today we will look at the three reasons why Jose Mourinho’s sack was a blessing in disguise for Manchester United.

 Attacking Football Approach:

Manchester United was once known as the best attacking, team in Europe, but after Sir Alex Ferguson retired everything changed dramatically for Man U, they were no more known as the Manchester team we used to know. 

Moreover appointing Mourinho as the Boss was like rubbing a grain of salt on the wound because everyone knew exactly how his style of football was he was never going to play in an attacking approach. And the same happened when he was the boss of Man U, the chance of playing attacking football totally sank and the atmosphere of Old Trafford was never the same. 

The rallying cry from the United fans to see attacking football was never taken seriously by Jose Mourinho and eventually, he got sacked and guess what? there, new interim manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is bringing the best out of his players and they are now playing in an attacking style of football. The players of Manchester United are now full of confidence, they are now playing for their fans and they are getting results as well.

      Rejuvenation of Paul Pogba:

Paul Pogba was the best midfielder in the world when he was with Juventus in Italy. 

And when Jose Mourinho brought him back in Manchester, Fans around the world was singing his name and predicted him to be a huge success in Manchester United. Many pundits initially thought he was the perfect successor for the United’s legend Paul Scholes, but despite the fact of his talent, it never worked out with Jose Mourinho. In fact, he was shocking, he was playing like a player of a youth academy and truth be told, Mourinho’s style of play didn’t suit his game.

 His main strength is going forward and doing the thing he does, but unfortunately, that was not the case during Mourinho’s tenure. He was often asked to focus on his defensive duty rather than going forward and this issue made him looked like a joke, but after Mourinho left he is playing like he never wanted to play with Mourinho, he is creating lots of chances for his teammates and scoring the goal at ease. Kudos to his current manager for bringing the best out of Pogba, now he looks like a player we knew he was.

    Rejuvenation of Dressing room :

In his managerial career, Mourinho has been prone to clashes with his players. Ronaldo, Ramos, Casillas, and Willian are only some few names who would attest to that statement. 

And at Manchester too, he had a feud with multiple stars. But the one that’s caught the most was the one with Pogba. Mourinho on many occasion said that he can’t control how Paul Pogba plays for his club. A statement like that is sure to dent the confidence of any player in the world. 

The pair hardly looked eye to eye and I remember a game when Pogba was taken off, they didn’t look each other in the eye let alone shake hands. As a result of all these, United had a broken dressing room with no chance of revival during Mourinho’s tenure but, since his departure, everything looks like it has calm down. Players are now more together and they are performing together as well. The smile on the United player’s face tells the whole story. It’s eventually a high time now for the fans of Manchester United.

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