The popularity of Cricket in India

The popularity of cricket in india

The popularity of Cricket in India

Cricket is the popular sports in India. Matter of fact, people in India worship cricket like any other God. The popularity of cricket in India is insane.

And with regards to this game, the way is being led by Cricket in India, the game Hockey. The passion among the people for the game is evident in the games that are hosted in India. It's said more than that cricket has attained this status of a religion in India on its credit with countless followers. The fans transcend all the religious and cultural barriers of the nation. 

The people are so passionate about the game that it is almost impossible for a neutral cricket viewer to come and enjoy the game. The crowds start to fill the stadium 5 hours prior. 

The popularity of cricket in india

Cricket in India

The different versions of the game have their respective followers with the one-day matches and Twenty 20 comprising of youth and the Test matches for avid lovers of the game. 

The game that is played mostly by 810 nations is an anger in the Indian subcontinent together with India in the way. Their cricketers are followed by people closely and an incident in their lives becomes a story from the News. It might be intriguing for the sports fraternity the planks of a game are among the richest on the planet. For example, the BCCI is the richest in the world leaving behind top Football clubs and the game which is being played by almost every country in the world. 

Therefore it's quite natural for individuals to know how one may create a success story together with a game that's played only by the minuscule number of countries of that some are still developing economies. But it will be an eye open for them and for the followers of the game that there are very few spectators that come to witness the local or club level matches and thus turn out at only International matches. 

Nearly all of them turn out at the games where this home team is playing and see this home team winning. There are quite a number of occasions when India was losing this game and the scene had on be evacuated as there was turmoil from the audience along with throwing of bottles on this opponent team. 

The popularity of cricket in india

The fact of the matter

Thus it raises a basic question that whether we Indians really love the game of Cricket? If Indians really appreciate the game then there should be ample public in the local club level matches and the standard of these games would also be higher. Sadly, this isn't the case in India. It is true that individuals are crazy, but they would like to see India winning.


Cricket in India has been the most popular sports for a long time, and it's even becoming more popular every single day. Apparently, the popularity of cricket in India is making people around the world to fall in love with this game. I believe cricket could reach the level of football in terms of popularity one day.

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