Opinion-La Liga fixtures are easier than EPL fixtures

La liga fixtures are easy than EPL fixtures

La Liga fixtures are easy than EPL fixtures

La Liga is one of the best football leagues in the world. They have a huge fan following from every corner of the world. La Liga teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid are one of the best football clubs in the world.

This Spanish league has created so many world class players from the last one or two decades. And their football matches are quite exceptional to watch, especially the El-Clasico, which is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest club football match of this green planet earth. But, having said that, the La Liga fixtures are quite easy compared to the English Premier League fixtures. And to be fair enough, and to clear our minds with both of these leagues fixtures, let's examine the fixtures of these two giant leagues.

La Liga fixtures are easy than EPL fixtures

La Liga fixtures are easy than EPL fixtures 

La Liga matches are mostly played on the weekends with 30 teams competing for the Spanish league title. Top four teams from La Liga qualify for the champions league, with fifth and sixth qualifies for the Europa league. Beside this, La Liga also has two major league trophies such as Copa del Rey and Super Copa. 
Premier League 
Premier League is arguably the biggest football leagues in the world. I have explained the details of the English premier league on my previous post, you can check it here English-Premier-League

Like La Liga, English Premier League also has 30 teams fighting for the league title. And the top four teams qualifying for the champions league spot, with fifth and sixth for the Europa league. The English league also has two major football tournament, the F. A Cup and the Carabao Cup.
La Liga fixtures vs premier league fixtures

I have just briefed the details of both La Liga and the English Premier League above, just to make it easy for you to understand about these two giant football leagues. 
See, we know that La Liga and the English premier league has quite similar fixtures, but if you ask me or anyone which football leagues are tougher? The answer will definitely be the English Premier League. Listen, my friend, to survive in an English Premier League clubs is very tough for any player, let alone perform well. But, that's not to say La Liga is a very easy football league. Yes, La Liga is tough too, but to be honest, it's incomparable to the English league.

La liga fixxtures are easy than EPL fixtures

La Liga fixtures vs Premier League fixtures 

Fam, players who play in EPL are more likely to be an injury prone. Just look at some of the players in the Premier League how they are struggling with injuries at this point in time. Some of them are even fighting for their football career in the English Premier League. So now, the million dollar question is why the heck does the player playing in the English league suffers from injuries? The answer is simply the fixtures of an English league, yes it is. 

Average La Liga matches have at least 5/6 days off compared to Premier League which has 4 days off on average. And my gosh, the English Premier League fixtures on the month of December and January is a nightmare for any player in the world. The premier league football on these months is played like no other football leagues. The matches are mostly played after 3/4 days, some even after 2 days. This is the sole reason why the life of the players playing in the premier leagues is harder than La Liga. The players of the premier league clubs playing in the month of December to January is likely to face injury anytime. And this should be a huge concern for the Premier League board to do something sooner than later. Matches in the La Liga are also played with close weekend gaps sometimes but nevertheless, they recover quickly. Because there are always some adjustments made on their match fixtures after every match, unlike the Premier League. 

This type of heavy match fixtures could give a negative impact on the English Premier League clubs in the future. Apparently, this could be one of the reasons why so many world class players have left the English Premier League so far. The prime example is players like Ronaldo, Suarez, Coutinho, Robben, etc etc.... only to name a few.
La Liga clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona have won so many champions league trophies over the last decade.

This soft la Liga fixture has been one of the advantages for the Spanish clubs. English clubs at the start of the season looks like they would win the champions league every year. But, as soon as the halfway season comes, they start loosing. Truth be told, the La Liga clubs have advantages on so many ways, and it's easy for players to score goals in La Liga compared to the English Premier League. 


Both of this football leagues has its own reputation and legacy. These football leagues have given so many football memories from the past, and hopefully will continue for another four to five decades. 

The fixtures of this two giant leagues have always been a debatable topic among many football fans. And as per my opinion, the English premier League is more tougher and superior than the La Liga fixtures. But if you say La Liga is better, I won't disagree though.

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