Pep Guardiola is changing the football of the English Premier League

Pep guardiola is changing EPL

Pep Guardiola's way of football is changing Premier League's football 

Manchester City has been one of the best football clubs in the English premier league from the last 6/7 years. They have been eating up trophies after trophies, and they are now on the top of the English Premier League football. Matter of fact, they are arguably the best football team in the world at the moment. 

There impressive five to six seasons in the English Premier League has been absolutely phenomenal. And props to their billionaire owner, who has been continuously spending a huge amount of money to bring success to this club. Matter of fact, Manchester City faithful must thank their billionaire owner for bringing success to their club. Truth be told, Manchester city was a great football club from before, but Man City at the past never reached the level they are right now. And thanks to their billionaire owner, who brought the world best football coach "Pep Guardiola".

The arrival of tiki-taka football in the premier league

The culture of football possession, players being held accountable for all stages of play, and playing aesthetically captivating football with a purpose, were grounded in Pep from an early age. By 2016, also the stage was perfectly set for Pep to make his long-awaited entrance in English football.

The Premier League was once dominated by a 4-4-2 system, hard work, and also extreme role specialization. But, by the time Pep arrived, players were expected to be multifaceted, able to influence every phase of the game. That is an enormous shift from also the previous generation of top Premier League sides.

Pep guardiola is changing EPL

The heart of the matter

Manchester city was already doing great before Pep signed. But, Pep brought something to Manchester city that no football manager could ever do, and that's the vision of his football. 

Everyone might know that Pep has achieved success literally every football leagues he's been to, and that's only a few managers in the world has achieved this feat. Like any other football managers, Winning matches is what his number one priority is. However, the most important thing for him has been the way he wants to play football. The way his team plays football, makes me watch it again by rewinding the match. His style of football is a pure joy to watch. Just look at how Manchester city plays football right now, my gosh...!! 

More importantly, the paper assesses, from a strategic perspective, the Premier League became appropriate to Peps leadership and style, before upon his arrival, examines the strategic frame of Citys style of play, and appears at the players that realized Peps doctrine. 

A club that hasn't been strapped City, for money has struggled to find a footballing individuality. Since the Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager's arrival, Manchester Citys became grounded himself. More importantly, we'll analyze the way, from a strategic perspective, the Premier League became appropriate to Peps leadership and style, before upon his arrival, examine the strategic frame of Citys style of play, and examine the players that realized Peps doctrine.    
Pep guardiola is changing EPL

The fact of the matter

Besides all this, his team barely loses matches, which is quite impressive. Because see, playing beautiful football and winning at the same time is the toughest job to do for any football manager. 

To play beautiful football, teams sometimes opens up too much space and they get caught up on the counter, and eventually, lose the game. So, kudos to Pep for having a master-class tactical adjustment for his team on every match and bringing the best results. Some months ago, literally every football pundits predicted that Pep would fail to taste success in the English league, but hell yeah, he proved the critics wrong. 

Apparently, the level of Manchester city has reached right now could be because of Pep Guardiola and his vision. He is currently on a mission to win every football trophies the English Football can offer, and with the pace, his team is moving on I believe would be hard to stop for at least three to four years. 

He has already won the league title and more is yet to come, and his biggest ambition as of now is to keep his team on par with the likes of Real and Barca. And I believe Pep's city can win Champions League trophy one day. But regardless of his success, Pep will definitely be remembered as the most successful manager of Manchester city.


Pep Guardiola has given a new image to English Football, and his style of football is slowly making an impact to some other English premier league teams. His style of football may not be an immediate success but it would bring some changes in the comming future.

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