Sergio Aguero-The best striker of the English Premier League

sergio aguero is the best striker of EPL
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 Sergio Aguero the best striker of EPL

Sergio Aguero has been one of the best strikers in the world from the moment he arrived in Manchester City. 

He has so many individual trophies and club titles in his resume, and that alone is enough to describe who Sergio Aguero really is. Like all the other players he also had so many injuries setbacks in the past, but he always came back strong enough declaring the world that he's indeed the true best player. 

His finishing ability from any angles of the box is a pure joy to watch, there are only a few strikers in the football world who can score goals from any angles like he does. Some of the goals he scored in the English premier league matches will be remembered for years to come. 

The best striker in the English Premier League:

Sergio Aguero is without a shadow of a doubt the best striker in the English premier league, if not the best striker in the world. 

The amount of goals he has scored for his current club Manchester city is phenomenal, and the most likable is the one he scored against Arsenal. 

He is one of the reasons why Manchester city has won so many trophies in the past 5/6 years, he always helps his team to come out from a deadly situation and that's a true sign of elite footballer. I have so many memories of this goal-scoring machine who has helped his team from 2-0 down to 4-2 win on many occasions.

Truth be told, there are so many great strikers playing their part in the English premier league, but none of those strikers has done what Sergio Aguero has done. In fact, he's the only striker in the English premier league right now that has a real number 9 quality.

The fact of the matter

His movement without the ball is one of his key strengths, I can remember, how many times he has scored with an inch-perfect movement making the opposition defenders helpless. Watch some of the goals he has scored in the English premier league and you'll find out exactly what you're reading right now. 

kudos to his current Manchester city's boss Pep Guardiola who is helping Aguero reach the next level. please don't get me wrong, that's not to say Aguero was poor with the other managers. 

However, If we pay full attention and compare Aguero's game with Pep Guardiola and other football managers, we'll find out that there's a huge difference. 

See, I know Aguero was already a great player before Pep Guardiola took in charge of the Manchester City's dugout, but the difference is the way Pep Guardiola's men play football.

As everyone knows, Manchester City's boss Guardiola likes to play possession-based football with quick one-touch passing and moving the ball around every corner of the football pitch. And that helps to create so many goalscoring chances during the football match.

Likewise, Aguero is getting enough chances to score goals now compared to the other managers, and the number of chances Guardiola's team City creates, it's hard for any team in the world to stop Aguero from scoring goals. Aguero was great before Pep arrived, but the way pep's team Manchester city plays football now, makes Aguero, even more, greater than before.


What's next? 

Sergio Aguero has signed a new contract with Manchester City recently, and his contract ends on June 2021.

He has already scored so many goals in the English premier league till now, and with his contract extension, I wonder how many goals he would be scoring in the coming years. 

He recently equaled Allan Sharer's record of 11 English premier league hattrick, he's also already on the highest striker list of the English premier league. His team this season looks like could win back to back English premier league title, he's right now playing the football of his life. Aguero is in the form of his life and that's a piece of bad news for the rest of the English premier league clubs.


Sergio Aguero has done everything and has won every title in the English premier league. 

No matter how his future could be, but he will always be remembered as one of the greatest football players to ever play in the English premier league. Moreover, he still has many years of football to play. 

He is on the absolute prime of his career, the way he's scoring right now is indeed phenomenal. And if he keeps on scoring at this pace for a couple of years, I believe he could break the goalscoring record in the English premier league. He is the true modern day greatest striker. 

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