Champions league-This season it's all about English team winning it.

Champions league this season is all about English team

Champions league this year is all about the English team

We all know Uefa Champions league is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest football tournament in the world. And the top clubs from every European country plays in this beautiful football tournament every year.

This football tournament has been dominating by the giant football clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona for literally five to six years. Or we can even say a decade. Well, there was a time when top premier league teams were picked as the favorite to win the champions league every season by fans and pundits.

Realistically, like I said, this tournament for the last six-seven years has been all about Barcelona or Madrid winning it. And nothing has changed till now, in fact, they are the biggest elephant of this tournament, it is what it is. But however, this season is quite interesting. First of, Real Madrid is out of the tournament, and secondly, the premier league teams are going toe to toe with every other top clubs. So apparently, this year could be the year of an English team. It looks like they could possibly win it. And why not, teams like Manchester City and Liverpool are one of the heavy favorites to lift the trophy this year. And let's not forget the fact that Liverpool reached last year's final and wasn't fortunate enough to win it.

Champions league this season is all about the English team
UEFA match ball

Champions league on favor of EPL teams

The last English team to win the champions league trophy was I believe Chelsea F.C. That was such a remarkable season for them, in fact, it was the greatest season of Chelsea F.C.

The English teams have all the potential to win the UCL trophy this season, I know that champions league is the hardest football tournament to win in the world. But hey, the English premier league can arguably be compared with the UCL tournament. And I have already shared my previous post about why the Premier League is the toughest and best league in the world, you can check it here:-  English-premier-league-the-best

Anyway, the golden era of the English clubs ruling the UCL tournament looks like it's back on track. Most importantly, they have a huge chance to bring the trophy back to England. And as far as I'm concern, it could happen this year, I mean one of the English teams could end up lifting the champions league trophy this year. But having said that, anything can happen in football.

Regardless of their poor premier league season, Manchester United and Tottenham are doing well in the champions league this season. They have already knocked out top teams that were picked as one of the favorites to win the UCL title. Let's be honest, no one believed Man U to even qualify the group stage judging by their league results, let alone defeat PSG.

But, the determination and hard work to win matches shown by these English teams have been indeed phenomenal. Matter of fact, no one predicted this was coming. And truth be told, I myself heavily predicted some of them could fail to qualify the group stage.

But now, suddenly there is a wind of belief blowing on the mind of the English faithful.

Champions League this year is all about EPL team
UCL Match Day

Stats of English teams this year in the Champions League

 Teams           Goals             Assist            Shots            S.O.G             CR             CK

Man-City:-         26                    18                 116                59                 81               51

Tottenham:-        13                    13                  86                 48                105             54

Liverpool:-          12                   09                   91                 36               101              47

 Man-U:-             10                    04                  68                 28                107             33


Champions league every season, as usual, is very fascinating to watch. However, this season has been a dramatic season. Teams who started their season on high and were predicted to win are now waiting for next season to start soon. On the other hand, teams who were initially not even on the conversation of winning the tournament now looks like could win it. After all, this is why we love football, isn't it? It's truly a game of unpredictability. Anyway, I think Barcelona will win this year's champions league, but that's just my prediction though.

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