Real Madrid must sign Eden Hazard next season

Real Madrid must sign Hazard

Real Madrid must sign Eden Hazard next season 

Real Madrid is one of the greatest football clubs, if not, the greatest club in the world. But, this season has been the worst and forgettable for the Spanish giant. They are loosing matches after matches continuesly. In fact, they are even struggling to win against the teams that are on the bottom of the league table, which is completely shocking. 

Hazard loves Real Madrid

Enough is enough, they should now move on step up and play like they normally does. I don't know if Christiano Ronaldo has anything to do with Real Madrid's current form, cause lot's of the football pandits says this shit, and I don't agree with them completely. I'm just saying though. Anyway, it's time for Real Madrid to bring on top level players come transfer window and be back on their normal best, and i'm sure they'll be back to their form sooner than later. However, the most vital question is who they gonna sign? Will it be Hazard or Mbappe? My heart says both, but I doubt they will sign both cause it will cost them lots of money. But, one of these players, I mean Hazard or Mbappe is likely gonna sign with Madrid.

Real madrid signs eden hazard

Apparently, signing Eden Hazard rather than Mbappe makes more sense, considering the fact that Hazard is more kind of a matured player now. And you can find the reason why Eden Hazard is one of the best players in the world here. link :- The magic of Hazard

Talented Eden Hazard in Real Madrid

Look fam, signing Eden Hazard makes a lot of sense at the moment considering the fact that Real Madrid currently lacks a player upfront that has a real leadership mentality. Moreover, Hazard himself said on many occasion that Real Madrid is his dream football club. He is probably waiting the final call of Real Madrid. So, bringing him to the spanish capital would be a great deal, and I'm sure things would possibly change in the Real Madrid's dressing room next season if they sign him.

Well, which football club in the world wouldn't want to sign the player of a Hazard's caliber. He is a proven top class player, and he easily fits in every style of football the football world can offer. Every one knows that he has carried Chelsea F.C on his back for literally four to five years even though some of the Chelsea F.C's fans doesn't want to admit it. Man, he's easily one of the best players in the world, and I'm sorry if you are a fan of Neymar. But, i have to say this, Eden Hazard is better than Neymar, it is what it is. Hazard has that "It factor" which most of the Real Madrid players currently lacks. Bringing him would boost and change the game of Madrid next season. Thus, Real Madrid should bring Hazard to the Spanish Capital.
Real Madrid must sign Eden Hazard
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Real Madrid has lots of money with them, they can sign any player they want. They have brought so many world class to the Spanish Capital. But, this time they need to be wiser and bring Hazard. Cause, Hazard himself wants to come there. Moreover, there aren't so many top class players available on the transfer market now a days. And to get a player of a Eden Hazard's caliber is not an easy task. 

So, Real Madrid should sign him anyhow instead of doing another stupidity. 
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