The popularity of Indian Premier League can take cricket to the next level

The popularity of IPL in India

The rise of Indian premier League 

Indian premier League is by far the best cricket league in the world. The popularity of this cricket league has been on a rapid rise every single year. The stadiums are always filled with thousands and thousands of cricket fans every match. In fact, this cricket league has taken Cricket on general to the next level.

The crazy money they are spending on players raises people's eyebrows. And one of the most interesting thing about this League is, they are making people around the world love the game of cricket. And I'm saying this because I personally felt in love with this game just because of this Indian Premier League, and I can say it whole day long. Apparently, there are tons of people around the world who started following cricket after seeing the  fascinating matches of Indian Premier League. Click here to know the Crazy Cricket Fans in India 

The popularity of IPL in India

Indian Premier League at its best

As far as I'm concerned, Indian Premier League can take cricket to the next level. The matches, players, stadium, fans, everything about this league has been phenomenal so far. However, it's time for the IPL board to expand this league worldwide. I know most of the European countries doesn't like or follow Cricket, most of them say it's a waste of time. But, it's not a test cricket or a typical One-Day match, it's an 20-20 overs IPL match. And once they start watching this league I'm sure they would start hating this game, who knows, they might start following cricket alike me. I was kind of a guy who always said that Cricket matches were the most boring game in the planet, but now this game is easily one of the best for me. Thanks to this Indian Premier League that made me know the true colour and taste of this game. 
The popularity of IPL in India

Indian Premier League host

Indian Premier League should be hosted outside of India every one or two years. I know they have millions of cricket fans in India, but they must start hosting this cricket league outside of India regularly if they want this cricket league to be seen globally. I know it won't be easy at the beginning, cause the stadiums won't be filled up like it does in India, but they must do it to generate fans from every country they host. And yes, it's Indian Premier League so moving this tournament to another country could be a set back, and I can bet if this ever happens, it would take Cricket to the next level. Let's say they might not be able to generate fans so quickly, but atleast they will make people know the true taste of this lovely game. I won't say it would be an immediate success, but it would be a stepping stone for the coming generation. So, the board of Indian premier League has a huge chance with them at the moment to take this league to another level.

I know most of you won't take it seriously. But listen, the game of Cricket has been playing literally from the last 10-15 decades, and still Cricket game fails to attract newer fans, why? Simply because like I said, most of the people thinks it's a waste of their time. But, the thing is, they have never tasted this game. And only shorter format of the game could be a possible turnaround for them. And when we talk about shorter format of the game, Indian Premier League comes to our mind due  to its popularity. Thus, this cricket league should be a stepping stone to take cricket to the next level.

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