Virat Kohli needs to be on top form to help India win (2019) ICC World Cup

Virat kohli needs to be on top form to help India

Virat Kohli can take Team India to another World Cup glory

Virat Kohli has been the backbone of Indian Cricket team literally for a decade now. He is indeed the modern-day greatest player. 

He has helped the Indian team win numerous amount of matches from a deadly situation, and the amount of runs he has scored in just a short period of time is phenomenal. Just look at the way he bats on every single match, and almost every time he comes on to bat makes us believe it's going to be another century to his name. But however, his form has been quite an upside down as of late, and that's a worrying sign for the team India ahead of their (2019) world cup tour. 

Virat Kohli needs to be on top form to help indian team

Virat kohli's (2019) ODI stats 

  • Year- 2019                                                
  •  Mat - 11
  • Inns - 11 
  • Runs- 611 
  • N.O  - 0
  • 100s  - 3
  • 50s   - 1
  • 0s    - 0 
  • H/S  - 123
  • S/R  - 94.29
  • Avg - 55.55

Virat Kohli-The backbone of Indian team

Virat Kohli is without a question the most essential and dependable player of the Indian cricket team. And that's not to say rest of the Indian player are bad or pretty average. However, the way Virat has been carrying the Indian team on his back for the past three to four years makes us think he is the most important player in the Indian team. Truth be told, he is the most important player of the Indian cricket team, it is what it is. But that being said, his recent form has been quite lukewarm, which is a huge concern for the Indian batting line-up. Because the top batting line up of the Indian team is quite shaky. And I believe you must read the the-untold-truth-of-Indian-cricket scene.

Apparently, they have so many top batsmen on their starting line up such as Rohit Sharma, Shikar Dhawan, M.S Dhoni and many more. But here is the problem, Dhawan is no more on his top game currently, and Rohit Sharma is also not at his best too. And how about the coolest player Dhoni? Is he the same player now as he was before? hell no. Yes, he had some good innings recently on the Australian and New Zealand tour, but come on, the runs he scored on these Australian and New Zealand tours weren't much appealing. He distinctly was struggling to play on his way, maybe that's because of his age, he's no more a spring chicken anymore. 

Virat Kohli needs to be on top form

Fans and so-called cricket pundits believe Indian cricket team has the strongest batting line up at the moment, that's quite true and I agree with them too. But like I said, the Indian batting line up is filled up with so many world-class batsmen, but none of them are that dependable like Virat Kohli, you know what I'm saying. And let's not forget this year's ICC World-Cup is in the English soil, and we all know how good Indian team performs on English soil right? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. So, this is why Virat needs to be on his absolute best, and I believe he will. He needs to lead from the front like he usually does. Whenever he is on his best there is 70% of the chance his team wins, and that happened numerous time. But nevertheless, his teammates should also contribute for their team though. 

Indian team must give Virat a break before they leave for the World cup so that they can keep their key player fit and ready to perform. It's literally impossible for the Indian team to perform well without their key player Kohli, let alone win the World cup. His fitness should be on the highest level possible to give his 100% on the match. 

The Indian team's middle order batsmen must try to support their key player Kohli to ease his burden in this year's world cup. Because you can't just rely on one player to win a match, everyone must contribute as well. Of course, Virat is the key one, but it's a team game after all. Anyway, there is a believe deed on my heart that this time Indian cricket team would do well in England, I mean the World cup. Hopefully, Virat stays fit and on top of his game to bring the ICC World cup back home. 


Team India had some positive results on their recent tour, and some players seem to be back on their game. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has been quite up and down on his form as of late. But nonetheless, he is a top player and will be back to his absolute best sooner than later. And if he is on his best it's a nightmare for any team in the world. Hopefully, he wins another World cup to add more on his already stacked resume. Come on  Virat Kohli, come on team India, let's do it again.

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