Top 5 Best wrestler in the world complete list

Top 5 best wrestler

 Best wrestlers in the world have transpired as a boundless and one of the most popular sportsmen in the world. And the best wrestlers are now even more popular than it has ever been.

It is literally followed everywhere around the globe. For instance -Independent Wrestling scenes with promotions such as Ring of Honor, New-Japan-Pro-Wrestling, Evolve Wrestling, PWG, HOG and many more. There are also Major promotions like TNA (now Impact Wrestling) and of course the world's largest wrestling promotion - W.W.E. 

They all have so many best wrestlers who can put on classics matches on any given day. However, only a few wrestlers can be categorized as the true elite wrestlers. So, who are those wrestlers that are currently on the top 5 best wrestlers list? let's find out.

Samoa Joe

best wrestler in the world
Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best wrestlers, not only in WWE but in all of the wrestling scenes.

He already made his name in the Indy wrestling circuit before he even came to WWE. In fact, he was a beast outside of WWE. He holds the record for longest reigning world champion of ROH. He also held TNA world heavyweight championship multiple times.

Joe has delivered so many great matches in almost every wrestling promotion he has been to. And his ability to cut a promo is out of the chart. He's getting older now, but he still wrestles like a 25 years old Wrestler. The high stack resume he has easily makes him one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Johnny Gargano

best wrestler in the world
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Johnny Gargano is the secret superstar of WWE. He has completely changed the scene of WWE NXT. And truth be told, he is one of the reasons why fans care NXT more than WWE at the moment.
He is a former Evolve wrestling star and has won the Match of The Year award in 2016 for the match between The Revival and DIY. 

This young NXT star has been blowing the wrestling fans day in and day out. His high flying and hard hitting wrestling style have won the hearts of many wrestling fans around the world. In fact, he is arguably the best technical and submissive wrestler in the world at the moment. The first five-star match of NXT between him and Almas completely blew the wrestling world.

His match with Tommaso Ciampa was also a five-star match, and this made him the first wrestler after HBK to have two five star match in a single calendar year. This young wrestler probably can reach another level if WWE booked him properly. But nonetheless, he is easily one of the best wrestlers in the world at this point in time. 

Kazuchika Okada

best wrestler in the world
Kazuchika okada vs Tanahasi

Kazuchika Okada, aka the rainmaker, is apparently the John Cena of NJPW. He has been dominating the wrestling scene of New Japan from the past three-four Years. He is a four-time IWGP heavyweight champion.

He is the first Japanese wrestler to be ranked No.1 in PWI 500 singles wrestlers list. He has delivered so many mouth-watering matches over the past three-four years. His matches with former NJPW star Kenny Omega has changed the wrestling scene forever. And his wrestling ability can be matched by only a few wrestlers at this point in time.

This Japanese sensation has a list of record-breaking performances, as well as championship reigns. In his last title reign, he became the longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion (720 days) and has the most title defenses in a single title reign (12). He is just 30 years old and he has still got lots of records to be broken.

Kenny Omega

best wrestler in the world
Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega, aka the cleaner, is the biggest wrestling name outside of WWE. He is the former IWGP and PWG champion.

Well, if there is any wrestler outside of WWE who can keep WWE's wrestling at bay, it's him.
And as per the report of many wrestling sources, WWE tried to sign him numerous times which he rejected and eventually signed a contract with the new wrestling promotion AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

Matter of fact, he is the sole reason why NJPW succeeded to reach the next level. I mean, NJPW is no more an independent wrestling promotion, and Kenny has played a huge role to help them reach the level they are today. He changed the wrestling scene forever. Some of the matches he had in NJPW are unbelievable and insane. He broke every wrestling records during his time in New Japan.

His wrestling ability is second to none, and from the moment the bell rings he makes fans engaged to his match. Having said that, Kenny is apparently the member of AEW roster. So, as far as I'm concerned, he's going to bring the wrestling world on fire soon. He is yet to reach the peak of his career and things are going well for this truly elite wrestler.

Aj Styles

Best wrestler in the world
Aj styles

Aj Styles is the modern day Shawn Michael, and he has indeed lived up to his moniker of phenomenal one. He has captured titles in almost every promotion he has been to.

There was a time many wrestling fans around the world thought he would never end up in WWE. But, here he is, and not only did he arrived in WWE but he captured the WWE title in such a short space of time. Moreover, he dominated the WWE wrestling scene for literally for more than one year. In fact, he is one of the biggest WWE stars at the moment.

Aj Styles has given so many classics matches in WWE. His series of matches with the likes of Cena, Roman, Bryan were absolutely gold. His ability to wrestler any size of wrestler and turn it into a great match is a true sign of genius. He can fly, he can wrestle on the mat, he can brawl, he can outpower, he can literally do anything inside the rope. His age might not be on his favor but he still more athletic than most of the young wrestlers in the world.

Apparently, he has only a couple of years left to wrestle, but one thing is granted for sure and that is as long as he is inside the rope he will always be phenomenal as his moniker. He is probably the best wrestler in the world.

Honorable names:

*Jay Lethal
*Seth Rollins
*Tetsuya Naito
*Hiroshi Tanahashi
*Jay White
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