How Chelsea FC can be the best football club in the world

how chelsea fc can be the best in the world
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Chelsea FC is one of the best football clubs in the world. The success they had over the last decade has been nothing sort of phenomenal, and thanks to their Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovic who has given everything for this football club. As a matter of fact, Chelsea could have never reached the level they are today without "Roman Abramovic", believe it or not, it is what it is.

The moment he became the boss of Chelsea FC, he totally transformed this club into one of Europe's finest football club by spending millions and millions on players and managers. But truth be told, Chelsea has been quite lukewarm from the past three to four years, On another word, they are nowhere to be seen on the level they were once known. They have money, world-class players, and one of the top managers, but they are still struggling to compete with the likes of premier league heavyweights Man-City and Liverpool, let alone Europe's heavyweights Real Madrid and Barcelona. So in this post, Let's find out how they can be the best football club in the world.

Chelsea Fc can be the best football club.

*Stop selling the top players. 

*Give the youth-academy players more first-team football. 

*Sign the right players for the club. 
*Keep the manager for at least (three) seasons.        

* Play attractive Style of football.

Stop selling their top players.

Chelsea has been making a huge mistake by selling their top players from the past five-six years.
Just think for a moment, where would have been Chelsea today had they kept players of a caliber like Mohamad Salah, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Juan Mata, only to name a few. These players are absolute world-class players, and these players have been making headlines week in and week out in the premier league. 

They must now learn the mistakes they have made, I know they might have done what was best for their business. But, here's the interesting thing, they have sold players of a caliber like salah, de Bruyne, Lukaku, etc, etc, and in return, they have brought players who are quite aged now. So, what was the point of selling such players if they can't bring another player of their caliber? I hope they weren't smoking green when those transfers were made. So, they must now stop doing such nonsensical transfers and better start building the club's legacy by keeping their top/best players to reach the highest level possible in the coming future.

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Give the youth academy players more first-team football.

When it comes to giving a youth academy players more first-team football and making them a future star, Chelsea runs away from this idea and barely brings their youth players to play on the stoppage time, sometimes if the manager is on the mood they bring on in 85 minutes of a match. And you know what? whosever plays that five-minute match is considered to be the luckiest one. I don't know who has been the last academic player to break it into the first-team since John Terry. 

Yes, we know that Calum Hudson Odoi and Loftus' cheek has now made it into the first team, but has Chelsea given that opportunity by their will? Hell no. It was simply because of the pressure the Chelsea fans have put on to to the club management day in and day out. But nonetheless, they might have now realized how good these young academic players can be. As you can see how good Hudson Odoi and Loftus' cheek have been at the moment, they are performing as if they have been playing with them from the last four years.

They have so many talented young players who are waiting for their chance, and if they use these young players regularly then they will probably break out as the future star for this club. And that means a great sign for the club to move on to the next level and be possibly the best club in the future.

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Sign the right players for the club.

Chelsea fc can be the best football club
Image by Mark Harkin

Chelsea has signed some of the greatest names in football since Mid-2000, and those names they have brought has changed the fortune of the club forever. Those players have helped build this club and also helped them win numerous amount of trophies. And realistically speaking, those players such as Claudio Mekkele, Didier Drogba,  Arjen Robben, Michael Ballack, only to name a few were absolutely right players and right signing for the club. But, are they doing the right business at the moment? Are they signing the right players for the club? I doubt.

Matter of fact, since the signing of Eden Hazard from Lille F.C, Chelsea haven't signed any players that could be great for the club. Look at some of the players they have brought over the last 2(two) years, do they really have the potential to carry on the club forward? Hell no. They might be the greatest players on earth but they aren't just right players for the club. And I don't mean all of the signings over the past two-three years were poor but literally more than half of the players they have brought were poor.

They have to look for the future and not just bring players to please the Chelsea faithful or to create a buzz around the football world. Perhaps their vision could be just to win one season and win nothing next, I believe that's not the case. So, if they have a long term vision for the club to take this club to the highest level possible they gotta sign the right players for the club. And if they can't find any right players in the transfer market, they better like I mentioned earlier, give "youth academic players chances to play".

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Keep the manager for at least three seasons.

Apparently, since Roman Abramovic owned Chelsea, no managers have prolonged for more than two seasons. In fact, even the most successful manager in the club history got sacked and that too for a couple of times. Truth be told, the logic of this club from the last decade has been just "win trophies or get sacked", and that's ok, cause, after all, getting results and winning trophies is one of the main reasons why they play football. But sometimes you don't get results regardless of how good the team may perform.

So, would the sacking of the manager and bringing the new face can be a solution for the club? Perhaps it could be good for the short term, but if they really want to build the club and its standard they gotta give them at least three years minimum. Truth be told, no manager in this world can have immediate success and carry it for a long time. Some season could be bad or even worse for the club but the club doesn't need to bring a new boss whatsoever. But, unfortunately, this has been the reality of Chelsea FC, the changing of managers at this club has been like changing of undergarments.

They gotta change this nonsensical formula which has been nothing great but damage to the club. Apparently, there could be a time when every manager in the world might reject the offer from Chelsea due to their bad history of relationship with the managers. Hence, they gotta give at least three years of time to the manager to help him understand the culture of the club and to build a strong relationship with the players for a better tomorrow.

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Play an attractive style of football.  

Well, when you search on google or any other internet platform with your keyword "most hated club in the world" the answer would be Chelsea for sure. You know why people hate Chelsea? one of the prime reasons is the negative style of football they play. And we all know Chelsea's style of football has changed a lot because they now play a new style of football which is known as "Sarri-ball" which probably looks like the alternate version of "Tiki-Taka" the style of football Barcelona plays. 

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Honestly, "Sarri-Ball" is very fascinating to watch, and it was invented or let's assume replicated by the current Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri during his time with Napoli F.C in Italy. However, the problem is Sarri-Ball is not working with Chelsea at the moment. Sarri-Ball is a football system where the team constantly attacks the opposition box with free-flowing passes from every angle of the pitch. Are they playing that way? Hell no, not even half of Sarri-Ball. Maybe because they don't have the right players for this system, how good is a football team when they have 75% of the ball possession and have only two or three shots on goal? Is it really attractive football? Not for me. By the way, Sarri-ball is not about having the ball possession, it's all about attacking opposition's goal.

But Chelsea at the moment is just playing the same opposite to Sarri-Ball and as per the report from various sources, Roman Abromovic brought Sarri to see his club play attractive football and not just to have ball possession and do no damage to opposition's box. If things didn't change ASAP I doubt Sarri could be sacked. I felt sleepy numerous times watching Sarri-Ball. Thus, they must start playing the real Sarri-ball or else play another attractive style of football.

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Chelsea FC has not been on their absolute best as they were during their glory days of Terry, Lampard, and Drogba. And things could only be better if they start building the club from scratch. They have everything to be the best football club in the world if they stop doing the mistakes they have been doing as of late. The club has been on the back foot for a couple of years now, and they have to fix those issues I have mentioned above to compete with the best football club or to be best in the coming future. #riseupblues.  



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