Everything you should know about India vs Pakistan cricket

India vs Pakistan cricket is arguably the biggest cricket match in the world. The rivalry of these two cricket nation has lots of history in itself, and this cricket match between these two nations is enough to make any casual sports fan invest on the game of cricket. We have witnessed so many mouth-watering and many nail-biting cricket matches since both of these two neighboring nations stepped foot on the world of cricket. 

That said, Ind vs Pakistan cricket world cup is not far away too and the most awaited match of the coming cricket world cup is probably the match of "Pakistan vs India" for sure. And I'm eagerly waiting for this match from the past five-six months and I believe you have the same feeling as well, isn't it? On that note, today in this post, I'm gonna share with you some factual things which you might have never heard or read between these two cricket nation. Nevertheless, before that, lemme welcome you to our sports site feelthesports.com. Now, without further due let's jump to the point.

India vs Pakistan cricket everything you should know
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India vs Pakistan cricket   

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  • The ugly fact of India vs Pakistan team.
  • No Cricket match draws fans like Ind vs Pakistan does.
  • Ind vs Pakistan matches stats.
  • Ind vs Pakistan Cricket Facts.
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The ugly fact of Ind vs Pakistan team

As you might know, India and Pakistan were once the same countries but after independence, they both have separate countries as it is now. And since the separation of these two nations, the hatred and war among these two nations raised to a whole another level, and that same history of hatred and aggression can be seen between the players of Ind and Pakistan cricket team.

And that's not to say they wanna kill each other during their cricket match, but this cricket match between Pakistan and India certainly gives us the glimpse of how they feel emotionally among themselves. Apparently, the answer to what makes a game more beautiful to watch let it be football, hockey, or any other sports, the answer is simply the emotion of players, and that emotion of Indian and Pakistan players has been one of the reasons why their match stands tallest among the other nations in the world of cricket.

Having said that, the cricket fans in India and Pakistan are by far the craziest cricket fans, in fact, they worship cricket as their religion. Unlike other countries fans, these Indian and Pakistani fans want their team to raise on top anyhow especially when they are playing each other and that creates havoc among these nations' fans. If Pakistan loses against Indian team, their fans break T.Vs, glasses, vendors, literally, everything that's nearby them in frustration, and same goes with the Indian fans as well. It's just a game of cricket and I would like to think that if it was a game of football between these nations they might start kicking the real balls instead of football on that match.

No Cricket match draws like Ind vs Pakistan does

No match in the history of cricket has ever been able to draw spectators like "India vs Pakistan cricket match" does. The second ODI of 1986-87 between Ind and Pakistan drew the highest number of ODI spectators on that point in time. The fourth ODI of Pak vs Ind 2003-4 series again drew crazy numbers of fans. The highest test matches attendance is the test match between Ind and England at "Eden garden" Kolkatta.   
If we talk about T.V viewership there is probably no cricket match alike Pakistan and India that can match or even come close to their match viewership record. The recent historic win for Pakistan against India at the champions trophy final at Oval London crushed the Internet for whole 5 hours. The Indians fans were on disbelieve while on the other hand, the Pakistani fans were rejoicing like crazy. Apparently, this cricket match is the biggest ticket that could possibly take cricket to the whole another level, cause, honestly, in terms of worldwide sports draw, there are no sports that can draw fans like football does. And cricket generally is not much popular worldwide, in fact, there are some possibilities that some people might even don't know about cricket.

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The recent statics of the final match between Pakistan and India is quite incredible. Their recent champions trophy final was live in 'Hotstar' which you might know is a Mobile app, and it drew millions which are Incredible. The Indian T.V channel star sports drew record-breaking 1 million viewership. The European sports T.V channel ESPN informed that the Pak-Ind final drew 30 lakhs viewership which is quite an accomplishment, cause, Cricket in Europe usually doesn't draw people as it does in Sub-Continent. And this whole stats show that Ind-Pak match can draw lots of new fans as well as keep existing fans engaging. 

Ind vs Pakistan match stats

Ind and Pakistan have lots of world cup history from the moment both of these two teams met in the initial ICC world cup match. Although India has been successful to come on top against Pakistan on many world cup matches Pakistan has also beaten India on many ODI and Test matches. These two cricket giants have built numerous cricket histories for many young generations to follow. They both shares some rich cricket match stats between them and here are some historic match stats of Team India and Pakistan.

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Overall Ind vs Pakistan stats:

                        [ODI]                      [Test]                      [ T-20]

* Matches:         131                           20                             08

*Won by Ind:      56                            0 9                            06

*Won by Pak:      74                            12                             01
 * Draw/N.R:       02                            01                             01

ICC World Cup Stats:

Tournament                    Matches      Pakistan        India          Draw/NR

* World Cup                        06               00                06                 00

* T-20 World Cup                05               00               05                  00

* Champions Trophy           05                03               02                 00

                                Major Trophy                  

                                          India                       Pakistan       

*World Cup              2[1983 and 2011]                    1[1992]

* T-20 World cup           1[2007]                              1[2009]

* Champions Trophy     2[2002 and 2013]              1[2017]

India Vs Pakistan cricket facts

The first fact was a cliffhanger. The 2nd one was history. And the 3rd one was a pride-restoring exercise.

The 3rd One Day International Cricket series between India and Pakistan ended in Ahmedabad, India won on Feb 27, 2010. It was a series to remember for cricket and for many numerous reasons. The first ODI at Jaipur had all the suspense fluctuations of fortunes and twists. Numerous reasons unknown, Pakistan chose to field first after winning the toss and decided to drop Mohammad Hafeez, the batsman in devastating form fresh after the test series. With typical uncertainty and jerks, India managed to score a big 298\/9 after 50 overs and seemed to close the match midway in the Pakistan innings.

However, the uncanny twist came in the shape of a Umar Gull and Mohammad Asif ninth wicket partnership and it almost won the match for Pakistan. India ultimately won by 1 run and took 1-0 lead. The 2nd ODI at Gwalior was a blast. Regardless of the early loss of Sehwag, there was no respite for the Pakistani bowlers as Indian batsmen blazed away. Sachin Tendulkar was at his aggressive best from the word go and played mighty shots all around the park rekindling memories of his feat in the nineties. Sachin Tendulkar crossed the fifty mark, the century mark, the one hundred fifty mark and things started happening in the minds of millions all around the world.

History engulfed the stadium as he surpassed the previous individual score records in ODIs of 194 held jointly by Saeed Anwar of Pakistan and Charles Coventry of Zimbabwe. At the moment just two overs were left and Indian skipper Dhoni was in his lustiest of hits dispatching the balls like bullets over the boundaries. As singles weren't taken Tendulkar watched from the other end needing just one run with crowds howling with impatience in place of the usual revelry that typically accompany such shots.

The dream of 200 was reached in the last over and history made. With 47 test hundreds of years and 46 ODI hundreds of years, Tendulkar now became the first one to hit 200 in the whole story of one day cricket. Adulation came from all quarters from the national and international cricket experts and players, the cricket lovers and the political leaders to crowning him as the greatest cricketer of all time. Nasser Hussein from England decided to put him above even the greatest Sir Donald Bradman. Political leaders of all hues and colors showered praise on the master blaster proving once more that cricket carries on to be the unifying force in a country divided into cultural and linguistic lines. 


Ind vs Pakistan cricket has already made numerous history with their rivalry and it will probably be remembered for many generations to come. This cricket match between these two arch-rivals has been literally on the lips of every cricket fans around the world. And I believe their rivalry can take cricket to a whole another level as it has been taken so far. Apparently, the ICC Board should schedule their match more on European countries to attract new cricket fans. I hope the cricket war I mean the Indian vs Pakistan war should keep going for the sake of this beautiful sports.

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