Premier League facts every football fans should know

premier league facts

The Premier League facts one must know.

Premier league facts are something every football fans around the globe feels thrilled to know. The premier league is without a shadow of a doubt the best football league in the world. Everything about this league is very fascinating to watch, from players, fans, style of a football match, literally everything.

Many football associations in many nations consider EPL as the model of their very own leagues. And with regards to clubs, the EPL has also some of the oldest clubs in the world. Among the setbacks about the league is the emergence of the Big 6(Six) teams composed of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and now Tottenham Hotspurs. These teams have been the league leaders with regards to standing as well as stature for several years now. That being said, these league has so many football facts that one must love to know. So without further due, let's look at some of the football facts of the English Premier League.

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Premier league facts in brief:

1. The highest average wages of a regular player in the league reached its peak in the 2003-2004 season when it exceeded more than 676, 000.

2. The most famous and first player in this league which was offered the first record-breaking transfer fee was Alan Shearer when he got more than 3 million.

3.  The Arsenal finished all, but only 2(two) seasons inside the top 5 since the foundation of the Premier League.

4. Arsenal is in the Premier League since 1919, longer than anyone else, whereas Everton is the closest being a part of the primary division since 1954.

5. Sam Allardyce is the most sacked manager in the history of the English premier league.

6. Aseren Wenger is the longest manager to manage a club in EPL. (868) matches with Arsenal F.C.

7. Peter Crouch has scored most (50) headed goals, the most by any player in the league.

8. Ryan Giggs is the only player in the league to win thirteen(13) premier league titles.

9. Allan Sherer is the highest goal scorer in the league with (260) premier league goals.

10. Gareth Barry has played the most League match with (653) league appearances.

11. Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City is the highest earning premier league player with $418,000 per week.

12. Manchester City holds the record of highest match attendance of 84,569 during the F.A cup match against Stoke City in 1934.

13. Manchester United has won 13(Thirteen) premier league titles, the highest by any team in EPL.

14. Manchester City holds the record of highest points in a single season with 100 points during the 2017/18 season.

15. Everton holds the record of the most defeated team in EPL with (364) defeats till date.

16. Arsenal F.C has (49) straight unbeaten run in a single season, the longest unbeaten run by any team in the league.

17. Manchester City has scored (106) goals in a single season, the most by any team in the league.

18. John Burridge played in the league till the age of (43), the oldest player to ever play in the league.

19. Brian Deane is the first player to score a goal in the English premier league.

20. James Vaughan is the youngest player to score a goal in the league. He scored a goal when he was (16) years and (271) days.

premier league facts

EPL players Facts

Paul Scholes 

If the question of how a perfect midfielder should be is raised, he is the perfect example. His numbers are incredibly phenomenal. He made (499) League appearances and scored 107 goals. Moreover, he has won eleven premier league titles. one among Fergie's Fledglings, Scholes developed into one among the best midfielders within the world, noted for his crisp passing, intelligent movement and eye for goal. Apparently, the king Pele once said: “If he was wiggling with American state, I'd have lots of goals in my tally".

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Rio Ferdinand

Rio was a beast and heart of Manchester United's defense. His contribution to this league has been phenomenal and made many young defenders to follow his footprint. He was a natural leader on the pitch. He was truly an elite player and has won numerous trophies with Manchester United. Ferdinand was arguably the best defender on his days and he is without a shadow of a doubt an absolute legend of this league.

Michael Owen. 

He is former England and Liverpool’s magic man, Michael Owen was one of the greatest players the league has ever seen. The best years came in his youth before injury spoiled his career back then. Owen was probably the last English player to win the Ballon d’Or award. His incredible comeback to the game helped Liverpool to a Treble in the 2000/01 season. He scored 118 goals for Liverpool across 216 league appearances.

Luka Modric.

This Croatian magician would reach to greater heights at Real Madrid, as he has won four Champions League titles and a Ballon d’Or. But nonetheless, before that, he was a key player for Tottenham Hotspur, helping the north London side with his performance into Europe’s Elite club competition for the first time ever. 

Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink.

He was prolific for Leeds and Middlesbrough. However, his prime was in all probability spent with Chelsea, United Nations agency created him their club record language for £15m in 2000. He conjointly fashioned one 1/2 one among the most effective strike partnerships within the league's history aboard Eidur Gudjohnsen. whereas notable for pounding the ball with tremendous force, his intelligent movement and talent to absolutely deliver the ball for a team-mate created him an excellent striker.

Diego Costa.

Diego Costa was arguably the most hated player in the league. His bull tactics was a nightmare for any defenders of the league. He terrorized opposition defenses throughout his 3 years with Chelsea. And on that time he scored (fifty-two) goals from eighty-nine league appearances, marking a variety of crucial goals within the title words beneath Antonio Conte. A forceful presence United Nations agency knew a way to lead the road all by himself.

Gary Neville.

No defender in the league has won additional Premier League winner's medals than Neville's eight. He was the most consistent and reliable defender. He shaped a fruitful partnership together with his shut friend David Beckham on Man U's right, before later changing into the captain of his one and solely club.

Steve Bruce.

Sir Alex Ferguson's defensive lieutenant captained Man United to 3 Premier League titles throughout the 90s. His brilliant two late headers against metropolis Wed to win United's 1st title for twenty-six years. he's wide thought-about the best Englishman ne'er to own delineated his country.

Nicolas Anelka.

Anelka scored goals for whichever clubs he played for. And literally won league titles with each Arsenal and Chelsea, whereas changing into a key player at the city, Manchester town, Bolton and West Brom.

Peter Beardsley.

He was a No(10) ten with a type of skillful football mindset player. Beardsley was a star of the first years of the Premier League and his best came before 1992 in fan-favorite spells with each metropolis and Man-city.

Jamie Carragher.

He was known as a famous one-club man. He was the vice-captain and a legend of Liverpool F.C for 10 years. And also Liverpool's second-longest ever serving player. He never won a league title with Liverpool but did win two FA Cups, three League Cups, and a Champions League. Moreover, he was a first-team regular from 1997 until the day he retired, in 2013.

Paul Ince.

During his time with Manchester United, Paul Ince played a very vital role in both of Alex Ferguson's first two Premier League titles. He was the heart of Man-U's midfield and also the workhorse who never stopped working hard. He also scored his fair share of goals arriving on the edge of the box. After (6)six years at Old Trafford, Paul moved to Italy with Inter Milan and later joined at Liverpool, Middlesbrough, and Wolves.

Didier Drogba

He is probably the greatest signing of the modern Chelsea era. He was the goal machine of Jose Mourinho's title-winning teams in (2004-05) and (2005-06) season, linking up his partnership with a young Frank Lampard and Joe Cole. His most prolific season came in winning the (2009-10) title under Carlo Ancelotti, scoring 29 league goals, before leaving and then returning in 2014, a decade after he first arrived, to win his fourth and final Premier League medal.

Steven Gerrard

Gerrard is the greatest player in the list of legends to never win a Premier League title. He remained so loyal with his parent club Liverpool, spending almost 17 seasons at Anfield. He captained his Liverpool to two Champions League titles as well as five domestic cups. He was extremely versatile and well-rounded player, who completely reinvented his game as he grew older. He is so unlucky not to win a premier league title. But regardless of that, he is one of the greatest players the league has ever seen. 

John Terry

Many people call him the greatest defender in Premier League history. Terry was strong, brave and above all technically gifted player. He possessed an uncanny ability to read the game and be in exactly the right place to clear out the danger. He had some controversy on his days with Chelsea but regardless a born leader. Moreover, he won five Premier League titles and also making close to 500 league appearances.


The premier league facts of this English football game is widely known for its robust power and athleticism. This league has provided the platform for many players to showcase the peak of the physical and skillful aspect of their game.

This league is completely unpredictable, even the most world-class technical players can struggle to survive in competition, let alone perform well. Here in this league, a barnstorming tackle is appreciated just as much as a blockbuster shot. While this type of football often comes in for criticism across Europe's mainstream, but nonetheless, it's an appreciated characteristic of football on a global scale. And due to the league’s competitive nature, it usually brings up more surprises week in and week out unlike any of its European football counterparts.

In this league, one would rarely find out a match goes by without some form of a surprise result. Just like much to the chagrin of accumulators across the world, it is almost impossible to predict. The league is dominated by 6(six) teams while all often occupy the top positions, the order in which they finish is a nightmare to bet on. Literally, every football fans from every corner of the world talk about this league. We have seen so many players showing their admiration for this league. This league has so many histories that make us follow and fall in love with it. Nonetheless, we would see more history of this league in the coming future.

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