The ultimate revelation of Real Madrid roster

real madrid roster revelation

The ultimate revelation of Real Madrid roster

Real Madrid roster is a record-breaking champions league football roster. In fact, they are known as the giant football club of this football world and have been absolutely dominating the European football scene from the past decade. But however, they are currently not playing like the same Madrid we know. Matter of fact, they're having one of the worst seasons in their club's history, it's shocking how they aren't playing at their potential level regardless of their giant status. So what's exactly going wrong with this football club at this point in time? Are their era of dominance gonna be over? Or is it just because CR7 left?. Well, let's find out.

Facts of Real Madrid roster

The Real Madrid regime when they signed the stars of football from every other football clubs. The regime found up the likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, Owen, Beckham, Figo playing for the Madrid team. Though this was rather successful, they never gathered the success the club aimed for - and flaws were exploited in the team. The club had no backbone with big name players and working and dedicated team players. The club was poor because of the unbalance from the squad - much focus on attacking talents, and insufficient on graft.

The team leaked goals and could score sufficient to overcome the shortage. It has been shown Miguel Angel Portugal, by the club secretary, the club could have signed the likes of Giovani Dos Santos, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo when the players were 14 years old. Madrid spotted the players potential gift, but the club failed to make the measures required to sign the kids. Due to the Galacticos regime, the team as well as president Florentino Perez never actually made up the finances available to buy the players - rather he was focused on buying the biggest names in World football.

Real Madrid roster final revelation

The fact of the matter

When the former Real midfielder "Claude Makelele" was sold to Chelsea, and the errors in the Galacticos regime proved already evident. Now the team was selling such a player that was seen to hold the group together, providing the required defensive cover and back up into the midfield. The president did not recognize his talents up the needs to lift the team, and therefore a big hole was left in Madrid's group. Madrid has lately changed their current position, as well as up the current coach has already added some quality investments to the club signing up the likes of young stars. Moreover, bringing the youth academy players to playing (eleven) such as Vinicius Jr and Asensio only to name a few.

The club did sign so many world class players at the past such as  Royston Drenthe, Christoph Metzelder, Sergio Ramos, Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Javier Saviola, Gonzalo Higuain and many more. But the club had to pay the price with regards to not bring in these types of players from a younger age, spending almost over 300 million in total.

The club does now seem to be set up well with the next few years, with a big array of young talented golds set to mold the team for many more seasons - and also to clear out up the Galacticos regime along with all the old deadwood that used to stay at Madrid. The likes of Beckham, Carlos, Figo, Ronaldo, Owen, have all moved on, as well as now Christiano Ronaldo. And they are now paying the price.
real madrid roster final revelation
                                                             Photo by Juan Fernandez

Current Real Madrid roster

Let's talk about the current Real Madrid roster. Well, if we look at Kroos, Modric, and Casimiro the "best midfield trio", they aren't exactly at the same level they were last year. How about Isco, yes he looks like he's gotten a new life after the return of Zidane. But nonetheless, let's not forget he was long an outcast even during Zidane's spell. Asensio and Bale both have consistency and mentality issues. Real Madrid is distinctly lacking a real "winger" for many seasons now. Benzema? Perhaps he never was a striker, better not to talk about him for the record.

When the team was in crises, Ronaldo magically solved all the midfield and attacking problem of Real Madrid before he left by acting as a Third CB/Sweeper which allowed Marcelo and Carvajal/Ord to bomb forward freely, reduced the pressure on Kroos and Modric and started counters with intercepting and passing. The team was getting good results.

But ever since he left, the problems are back haunting Real Madrid. In fact, they're playing like a B-division team.

As we can distinctly judge from their play itself, on attack Benzema barely makes a difference upfront like half a retard. But nonetheless, he is the only available number (9) at this point in time. On the other hand, Isco or Modric is out Bale mechanically turns off. He is unable to play without a good serve, especially against mid-strong defenses. Vinicius, however, is a great potential winger.

He can work wonders as with his spot on crosses but Zidane literally doesn’t like traditional wingers. And "Asensio" is very influential and improving his pace and vision, as a matter of fact, he is becoming better day by day. Yes, they are improving they have the potential to become the greatest playing (eleven), but unfortunately, it's not gonna happen as soon as now. The wounds are actually serious then it looks like on paper, it will take at least another two to three years to rebuild the broken ship. Apparently, they must now focus more on giving these young progressive youngsters game-time to shine and build the future of the club. Spending millions on players might bring them immediate results for a short time but it would hurt them in the long run.

Bottom line:

Real Madrid roster is apparently the richest football roster in the world and the players they have at their current squad is a lot of money. they can buy any players as they want. But, if they really wanna build the dynasty, they have to invest heavily on their youth system rather than bringing one hit wonder million bucks player. Moreover, they have to believe in Zidane and give him whatever he wants, cause he has been there in the Spanish capital for more than a decade. And he knows how to build and help young players reach the top level. Hopefully, he stays there for a long time and builds the reputation of the club again. And I'm not a fan of Real Madrid but I gotta say this Hala Madrid.......

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