WWE is afraid of AEW roster?

WWE is afraid of AEW
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WWE is the biggest wrestling roster in the world. However, despite being the biggest elephant of all the sports entertainment they have been on the back-foot ever since the WWE-rumours of AEW forming a new wrestling house went viral throughout the Social media. And now, the AEW wrestling roster has been formed officially and is ready to showcase their packed roster of elite wrestling stars on their first wrestling PPV Double or Nothing in 25th of May 2019.

Meanwhile, the WWE chairman, Vince McMahon, is trying his best to lure the interest of many hardcore wrestling fans on his production by throwing up Wrestlemania's main-Event worthy match of Aj Styles vs Seth Rollins on the upcoming WWE-PPV Money in the Bank.

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The question of, Is Vince McMahon really worry of AEW? always comes to my mind, and the answer could be yes for many WWE fans too, in fact, he should be afraid of the treat AEW possess.

Vince McMahon must be worried of AEW 

The viewership decline of both WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown week in and week out has been a huge concern for the WWE boss and head officials. They have been been trying to put out standout shows every week, but however, nothing has been interesting and appealing for the WWE faithful. Moreover, the backlash from the WWE fans has been on the whole another level, and WWE for whatsoever reason doesn't wanna listen to their fans. Well, on the other hand, the AEW officials know exactly what the fans want and they have some of the best wrestling talents with them at this point in time. Their upcoming wrestling PPV is already making the wrestling world craze. The tickets for their upcoming show has been reportedly sold out, and it's a huge statement that they have arrived at the alternative option for the wrestling fans.

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More or less, the arrival of AEW wrestling promotion is a warning for WWE to fix things up before it even worsens up. WWE might be the biggest of all the wrestling promotion but they aren't untouchable because the height they are in today is just because of the fans, and if they can't give what the fans want the AEW could be a solution for the WWE universe or any other wrestling fans. Hence, anything WWE does wrong is gain for AEW wrestling promotion.

Tony Khan, the owner of AEW on the recent interview said:-

"I don't want to compare us to any other wrestling company," Khan said in his recent interview with Chris Van Vliet. "We're AEW and we're doing something very different. What is great is what we will offer, which will bring people back to 20 years ago, and there will be a major alternative."

He further added by saying that, "For us, I want to offer a quality of life and a work/life balance that is the best and is unparalleled in the business for the best quality of life. What that means is less time on the road, but still working regularly, still performing on pay-per-view and on television in the future," he said. "I believe you don't need to spend 6 days on the road to make a good living as a wrestler or 5 days on the road per week necessarily."

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WWE empire might fall down

The AEW roster might not consist of vast roster alike "WWE roster", but the roster they have is enough to worry WWE. Some of the wrestlers they have are the top wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling today. Names like Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Will Osprey, and the WWE veteran Chris Jerico are some of the wrestling names that are rocking the independent wrestling world at this point in time. They have a huge fan following from all over the place and that's a huge concern for WWE.

The wrestling scene certainly looks interesting now as "AEW" looks promising to tackle the giant WWE despite the fact that it may take at least a decade otherwise. The sun looks all set to fall on the AEW empire, nonetheless, time will take who can out-Pedy who.

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