Read this untold WWE facts you might have never heard

WWE facts you might not know

WWE, the king of all the sports entertainment has lots of interesting facts that we as a wrestling fan is interested to know. And I believe you might have reed of heard enough about WWE history and WWE facts, but nonetheless, you might have also never heard of some of the WWE facts that I'm going to show you today. Therefore, without further due here are some of the "WWE facts and history" you might have never heard before.

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Vince McMahon's mastermind.

In the beginning, Vince had the imagination that babyface and heel persona was good for his wrestling business to attract fans. Vince then implemented his idea and separated the heel and the babyface character in WWE. Vince created some of the biggest heel character and of course, the biggest babyface in WWE history Hulk Hogan. That there was Bob Orton and that there was Mr. T, the first WrestleMania and Vince blessed them. And Vince explained to them, Be fruitful along with multiply along with fill the TV programming program and subdue it, and have dominion within Monday night and over each and over Sundays and every second your fans have in their lives. And Vince saw it was good. Rumors started circulating that WWE's era was moving on a different direction and the rumors turned out to be true when we witnessed the first ever Wrestlemania pay-per-view.

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The beginning of WWE PPV history

Not that it wasn't a departure Elimination Chamber had been a fit between WrestleMania and Royal Rumble, and the creation of WWE Network freed limitations imposed by cable companies business. WWE wasn't seeking to escape from the money plunking marketplace, but its business has been more and about revenue. When Vince McMahon hunted to take over the wrestling industry from North America, he did it by consuming Video time, territories, and promoting wrestlers. He staked a claim on Sunday PPVs when that wasn't enough. Saturday morning shows that were pretaped evolved WrestleMania begat WrestleMania, to Monday night broadcasts season, and, unexpectedly, an hour of wrestling became a lifelong undertaking, with hours spent trawling the deep and Internet diving.

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How did we get to the stage where tossing Elimination Chamber from between two other main events makes sense? Let's look back at out the history of WWE PPVs to figure it out. WrestleMania 1 was in March 1985. Nov 1985 found the first in a line of rapidly forgotten events, a One-off PPV1 known as the Wrestling Classic. There was a Hulk HoganRoddy Piper title match, but a 16 man tournament for bragging rights, presumably, since that there was no gold on the line was the real draw.

Nevertheless, strict 10 minute time limits and the need to defend every competitor from embarrassing losses meant every match had a screwy finish. Regardless of the time constraints, a big portion of out the show was spent on behind the scenes commentary along with Other non-wrestling sections such as McMahon, Lord Alfred Hayes, along with a never before seen woman named Susan Waitkis describing the rules with the aid of a giant bulletin board. The most memorable portions of the night, sadly, had been the behind the scenes segments that saw Hayes sexually harassing Waitkis pawing her into a segment, kissing her cheek lasciviously from another. Towards the end of the night, when interrogated by McMahon, Hayes said, It had been the best night I've ever had.

These little WWE facts may give you some knowledge about WWE history, and if you want to learn more about WWE be subscribed to our sports site until then, catch ya next time. 

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