Best cricket players of all time

Virat Kohli is the best cricket player

To be in the list of best cricket players of all time isn't an easy task for any cricket players. The game of cricket has seen so many world-class players since its invention but only a few of the cricket players could be named as the legit best cricketers of all time.

The cricket game today has reached the new height only because of the passion, hard work, and dedication contributed by some of the greatest cricketers throughout their careers. The sacrifices they have made for this beautiful game of cricket will always be remembered for years to come. And there are some of the absolute best cricketers who have earned the rights to be on the conversation of the "greatest players ever". So, without further due, let's find out which cricket players are on the "best cricketers of the all-time list".  

Best cricket players of all time

Jonty Rhodes 

best cricket players

Jonty Rhodes, aka Jonathan Neil Rhodes, is a former South African ODI and Test cricket player. His 11 years for the South African cricket team was quite up and down at times, but nonetheless, his unique fielding skills changed the game of cricket forever. In fact, his fielding skills have inspired many of the young cricketers today to field like never before. He was voted as the most inspiring cricketer by many European outlets on many occasions. His contribution to cricket will always be remembered by many generations and he is indeed one of the greatest of all time.

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Shoaib Akhtar

Best cricket players

He was a Pakistani cricket player famous for his raw bowling pace. His unique bowling skill has wowed cricket fans throughout his entire career. In fact, he was the first bowler to ever bowl at the speed of 155plus km consistently throughout a match. His bowling has inspired many upcoming talents to become a fast bowler in cricket.
He might have ended his career with wrongdoings, but nevertheless, we can't deny his contributions in cricket. Some of his best performance came during his early season. That said, his jaw-dropping bowling performance during the series of Eng vs Pak is one of the best bowling performances we would ever see in cricket.

Andy Flower

Best cricket player

Andy Flower is a former Zimbabwean cricket captain and a wicket-keeper batsman and also by far the greatest cricketer Zimbabwe has ever produced. He led Zimbabwe literally for 11(eleven) years and won numerous amount of series for his country. His heroic ICC world cup stats in 2003 took his National team to the whole another level. This Zimbabwean flamboyant cricket player will always be in the heart of many die-hard cricket fans.   

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Ricky Ponting

Best cricket player
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Ricky Ponting had already cemented his name on the greatest player list the day he became the captain of the Australian cricket team. His cricket career is one of the finest careers a cricket player could ever dream of. He has won numerous amount of trophies throughout his entire career and some of the innings he had played was simply outstanding. He became the captain of the Oz cricket team at a very young age, wherein many pundits predicted he would fail to lead his country but proved the critics wrong and led from the front till the day he retired.

Mahela Jayawardene

Best cricket player

Mahela Jayawardene is simply the classic Srilankan batsman of all time. His contribution not only for his country but overall to the game of cricket is worth of praising him more than 100 times. The runs he has scored has led his team to win numerous amount of series and trophies. This classic batsman has been an inspirational player for so many upcoming cricket talent who they believe he retired so early, jokes apart, his outstanding 10,000 plus runs is a proof that he was one of the best cricketers on his time. He is certainly one of the greatest cricket game has ever graced.

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Wasim Akram

Best cricket player

Wasim Akram is a perfect example of how a fast bowler should be. His unorthodox swing bowling technique has forever changed the bowling scene in cricket. He is, in fact, the master of swing bowling who can bowl from different variation and angels and still bowl unplayable deliveries.
This Pakistani legend has won so many trophies and awards throughout his entire career, moreover, he led Pakistan to maiden world cup trophy. Many cricket legends such as Vivian Richard, Lara, and Sachin rates him as the finest bowler of all time and it's really hard to deny the fact that he really is the greatest bowler of all time.

 Best cricket players list

Kapil Dev

Best cricket player

Kapil Dev, aka K.J dev, is a former Indian cricket captain who revolutionized the Indian cricket forever. His contribution to Indian cricket and Cricket, in general, is irreplaceable. Truth be told, he is probably the finest allrounder the game cricket has ever witnessed. The runs he has scored and the wickets he has taken is enough to explain why so many people rate him the finest all-round cricketer of all time. He led India to win numerous amount of trophies and of course the first world cup glory for his country in 1983. He had some difficulties in his late career, but more or less, he is definitely one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time.

Glenn McGrath 

Best cricket players
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Glen Mcgrath, aka the master of swing bowling, is a former Australian pace bowler who served his country literally for more than a decade. He was the cornerstone of the Australian bowling department, his performances were off the chart since he earned a cap for his country. He has won the ICC best bowler of the year award on many occasions. He was not a typical fast bowler but an outstanding swing bowler who made even the greatest batsmen on the planet such as Sachin and Lara unplayable on many series. He has taken 563 test wickets and 381 One Day International wickets on his outstanding career. McGrath currently is the director of the MRF pace foundation in India, and he has helped so many young bowlers to bowl to their full potential. Nevertheless, he is for sure one of the best cricket players of all time.

Virat Kohli

Best cricket players
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Virat Kohli is without a shadow of a doubt the best batsman in the world at the moment. Despite his young age he already cemented his place on the list of greatest of all time with his phenomenal stats and records. He is indeed the modern day legend who redefined the art of scoring runs at easy constantly. Apparently, he is bound to break all the cricket record as he doesn't look like he would stop scoring runs anytime soon. 

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His immense consistency is the key reason why he has been successful to breach so many boundaries and shatter records after records in the last seven-eight years. Many opined his aggression would hold him back, but nonetheless, he managed to transfer the obstacle from his actions into the most subtle way possible. Furthermore, I won't be surprised if he breaks Sachin's record after four-five years.

Adam Gilchrist

Best cricket players

This flamboyant Australian wicket-keeper batsman was a pivotal player w o helped his country to dominate cricket literally for more than a decade. His part helped Australia win three consecutive world cup from the year 1999 to 2007. Gilchrist was a kind of batsman wherein many bowlers were afraid to bowl against him, he was that dangerous to bowl against. He dominated the OZ batting scene for almost more than a decade. He played 268 ODI matches for his country and scored 9038 runs with an average of almost 40 which is quite decent. And he holds the record for the most ODI centuries by a wicket-keeper batsman till now. Regardless of how his career ended, he certainly will be always in the conversation as one of the greatest of all time.

MS Dhoni

Best Cricket Players

M.S Dhoni, aka captain cool, is the man who invented a helicopter shot in cricket grading over ten,000 runs coming back in preponderantly at variety five or lower. He led India to a few Interstate Commerce Commission titles in six years. one in every of his greatest contributions although is creating this facet one in every of the best fielding units of all time. Truth be told, the day he was appointed as the captain of the Indian team he took some harsh steps on its approach that made him lose the fans support momentarily but eventually won the heart of the Indian cricket fans. Nevertheless, he stood firm together with his plans and also the rest, as they assert, is history.

The 37-year-old is currently within the fag finish of his career and however, his lighting-fast hands still perform higher than several kids behind the stumps. Not several realize what void his absence would go away however one factor is evident, ever once he is going to be gone, he won't be forgotten.

Muttiah Muralitharan

Best cricket player

Muttiah Muralitharan is arguably the best spin bowler of all time. He created his mark within the 1996 tournament Associate in Nursing mythical being Ranatunga’s trust on a young spinner from metropolis paid off as he finished with seven-wicket and raised the eyebrows of the selectors.

Despite all the controversies raging around his action, Murali ne'er expressed a word and unbroken bouncing back vehemently. He was one in each of the primary bowlers to own excelled equally well in each the formats and his wickets tally could be a testament thereto reality. once he retired in 2011, the offie finished with 534 wickets within the format and has stood at the helm ever since.
Muralitharan’s contribution was on the far side the wickets he took, he was a masterful brain World Health Organization was continually at the help of the young budding captains. one in every of the game’s greatest ambassadors, he's continued to serve the game as a mentor for varied groups and success has been following him where he goes.

Brian Lara

Best cricket player
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Brian Lara’s is the perfect example of how a batsman can play on its own style on the cricket pitch. The flamboyant batsman was one of the prime reasons why the West Indies were among the top on his days. The stylish left-handed batsman is known as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He holds the record for the highest runs in a First-Class cricket match and scored 501 not out in 1994, which is the only time over 500 runs were scored in the history of First Class cricket. He also holds the record for the highest score in a single Test inning, having scored 400 not out in 2004 which was indeed one of the greatest, if not the greatest innings in test cricket history.

Lara's contribution to his country is irreplaceable. He holds the ICC second-best batting performance in Test cricket when he scored 153 against Australia in Barbados Cricket Ground. He played in 299 ODI, 131 Test, 429 List A, and 261 First Class cricket matches. His batting average of 40.48 in ODI and 52.88 in Test cricket, is impressive. He scored 19 and 34 centuries respectively in the two formats. According to Wisden’s highest-rated bowler Muttiah Muralitharan, Lara is the toughest opponent he faced in his career. Lara received the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World for two consecutive years.

Shane Warne

Best cricket players

Shane Warne is a former Australian cricket who was known as the wizard of spin bowling during his career. His career resume is nothing sort of phenomenal, he has taken over 1000 international wickets in his career. In fact, he revolutionized cricket thinking with his unique leg spin, which many fans recall a dying art to its immense bowling skills. 

Warne on his career has bowled so many wonder deliveries that fans still remember. His contribution to the game of cricket is simply phenomenal. He had faced many media controversies and injuries throughout his career but however, he kept fighting till his last day in cricket and ended his career on a high note. There are many world-class spinners in cricket at this point in time but none of them with due respect could match the level of his bowling skills. He will always have a special place in the hearts of many cricket lovers for the lovely memories he gave us. He is indeed one of the greatest players of all time.

Sir Vivian Richards

Best cricket player

Sir Vivian Richards-The former West Indies right-handed batsman is often argued as the greatest player of all time by many fans and pundits.  slugger United Nations agency is additionally considered among the best batsmen of all time. The Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack recognized I. A. Richards to possess compete the simplest ODI innings ever. Wisden also speaks highly and recognize him as the best ODI player and also the third-best test player slugger of all time.

Richards is that the initial in ODI format has achieved 20(twenty) Man of the Match awards. he's conjointly among the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century. He played 187 ODI cricket and 121 test cricket and scored more than 1000 plus runs in just 211 matches combined. His cricket matches with an average of forty-seven and fifty.23 speaks of how great he was during his time. His highest scores are 189 not out and 291 in ODI and take a look at cricket. Sir Richards was conjointly a prolific bowler too for his country and took 118 wickets in ODI with 2 five-wicket hauls. His career stats is enough to describe him as one of the best of all time easily.

Sir Donald Bradman

Best cricket player
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Sir Donald Bradman, akaThe Don, is considered by many fans as the greatest batsman ever in cricket. His extraordinary batting stats makes him stand tall among many cricket legends. His batting average in test cricket was a staggering 99.94, an achievement that is unmatched in any major sport. Bradmanesque is a term synonymous with exceptional excellence, not just in the world of cricket but also in other fields. He is considered as the complete batsman in cricket history.

With a Wisden rating of 1349, the right-handed batsman is the top Test batsman ever who outranks the No.2, Sachin by 349 points. He has 29 Test cricket centuries and 117 First Class cricket centuries to his name. His top score in Test cricket is 334. There is no other Australian, except for Shane Warne, who has more biographies written on them.

Sachin Tendulkar

Best cricket player of all time
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Sachin Tendulkar, aka the master blaster, could be easily argued as the best cricket player of all time. No one in the history of cricket has done what he has done, his records in Test and ODI is simply untouchable as of now. Hands down to the master sheerly for the change he brought with his approach. He helped the Indian cricket team to reach the level they are today. In fact, he carried the Indian team on his shoulder literally for two decades.  

His 100 international centuries is simply a hell of a task for any cricketer to break. His batting skills of uppercuts, lofted drives, charging the bowler down the track, were never heard or seen before he came into the picture. He has won numerous amount of trophies and awards on many occasions. The Indian government awarded him with the prestigious Bharat Ratna award for his outstanding contribution to the Indian cricket. He has been an icon for many young cricketers and a reason why he/she loves cricket. He is apparently, the greatest cricketers of all time.


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