Best free kick taker in the world

best free-kick taker in the world

Best free kick taker in the world

Throughout the history of football, there have been great free-kick takers of free throws and skills who they achieved a unique effect on when it comes to finishing against the giant free-kick wall and indeed against a world-class goalkeeper.
Although there are many successful footballers who are famous for their unique free-kick skills, there are five that stand out over the rest. So, without further due let's find out who is top five best free kick taker in the world are:

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5. Juan Roman Riquelme:

Riquelme was an Argentine player from Boca Juniors club. His quality at the time of defining the free throws made him famous for hitting the ball giving a strong curve that passed through the side of the barrier leaving the goalkeeper without the balance to catch the ball.
Román was the idol of the Boca Juniors club and his good game took him to the top of the d soccer, going through Barcelona and the Argentine National Team where he took advantage with his free throws.
Furthermore, Riquelme also scored 23 free kick goals of which 13 were in Boca.

4. Ronald Koeman

Koeman is a Dutch defender with an extensive career and a strong reputation as he is considered one of the most scoring defenders in history.
Ronald scored 193 goals throughout his career and was consecrated multiple times in the clubs where he played. He won the league with the PSV and Ajax, as well as the Spanish league in Barcelona.
Koeman scored 26 free-kicks in Barcelona and crowned the Catalan side with the European Cup after a free kick goal.

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3. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos was a left-back from Brazil who stood out for his great work defensive and offensive, especially for how he hit the free throws.
This player has an extensive career and in all the clubs where he played, he delighted the spectators, he played for Palmeiras of Brazil, Real Madrid and Fenerbah├že.
At Real Madrid, he won 3 Champions League and 4 Spanish leagues, establishing as an idol for the fansof Real Madrid.
Also in Brazil, he managed to make his mark as a soccer star, he became the champion of soccer with the Brazilian national team in 2002, leaving the Brazilian fans proud at the top of world football.
One of his most memorable goals was against France in 1997 where he gave a curve to the ball that broke the laws of physics and got into the bow of the French goalkeeper.

2. Ronaldinho

This Brazilian soccer player is one of the greatest free-kick scorers the world has ever seen.
Ronaldinho played for great teams of international prestige such as FC Barcelona where he came to share a team with Lionel Messi.
The Brazilian is remembered for his quality defining a free kick where he scored 66 free kick goals.

1. Zico

Zico is one of the greatest free hitters in the history of football, his magic when kicking the ball took him to the top of football.
He is recognized as one of the best playmakers in football in the 1980s and one of the best players in Brazil.
Zico played in Flamengo of Brazil, Udinese Calcio of Italy and Kashima Antlers of Japan. He got697 games and 476 goals of which101 were free kicks.
Really surprising figures that take it to the top of this ranking.

Other best free-kick takers out of the ranking are Diego Maradona, Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pirlo, and a long etcetera.
Although we could spend hours arguing about the best free kick kickers that football had, I firmly believe that Zico can and should be crowned as the best definition of fouls that football had.
His 101 goals led him to be recognized worldwide and he has given joys not only to his clubs but also to his selection.

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