Mohamed Salah-The gem of Liverpool FC

Mohamed Salah the gem of Liverpool fc

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian player who currently plays for  Liverpool FC as a right winger wherein he has become a star of this English club and has attracted the attention of many 
best football clubs in the world such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid because of his excellent agility and domination in the ball.

Salah came to the English Premier League in 2017 with a long breathtaking career in top-level football leagues. He played for many great clubs in Europe like Chelsea, Florentine, and Roma and perfected his excellent skills as a winger/striker. 

Mohamed Salah's Skillset

Salah is a born football game winner who developed and polished his natural skills within the field and has a characteristic that sets him apart from the rest of the player.
The excellent skills that Salah manages are the reasons that led him to succeed as a player at the age of 27 and moreover, made him the gem of Liverpool. Why? simply because of his excellent agility and speed which allows him to play against the defenses of any world-class team and perfect passes to the strikers so that they can finish the subline team-play that usually ends in incredible goals.

Salah's speed combine with his excellent ball control has given him the agility to pass defenders with his opponent not being able to reach him. In addition, Salah's dribbling speed can be matched with the likes of world-class dribblers such as Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Hazard and Neymar that have impressed the fans and the defenders for a decade.

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Salah's great skills combined with the deadly front three of Liverpool FC Mane and Firmino have allowed this trident to be considered as one of the most dangerous front three in Europe as they have managed to complement their skills with each other when they are attacking.

This is clearly a shred of evidence in the connection between Salah and Mane on the wings, taking advantage of their fast speed to get the ball to Firmino and so this can define to the goalkeeper
Salah has scored 22 goals this season individually, leaving 11 assists as the league's top scorer.
This great game that Salah played has given him great results and joys to Liverpool the club's important competition in European football, the UEFA Champions League against Tottenham.

Liverpool played in the year 2004-2005 Uefa final but Liverpool did not win the competition, and thanks to the effort putten by Mohamed accompanied by the indications of the technical director J├╝rgen Klopp has made this English team managed to scream again champion in this important competition.

Apparently, Much of his great performance was because of the tactical adjustment made by his club boss Jurgen Klopp, who gave an excellent demonstration of good play for Liverpool where he scored a key penalty at the beginning of the game that gave him the strength to start with the right foot in the final.

Mohamed Salah's achievement so far in the EPL

The excellent performance of Mohamed Salah gave him many success on a personal level, and also his excellent years where he proved to be a fast, skillful and precise player he used several renowned awards such as:

• Golden Boot of the Premier League in 2019.
• Third place in The Best award in 2018.
• PFA Award for the best player of the year.
Among other several great decorations that this player has.

The Mohamed Salah game has clearly positioned him as the most important player in Liverpool, making him an indispensable part of the team and surely, if he continues to maintain his good level, he will more or less be able to be the best player in the world.

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