Moves that could bring back Manchester united to its old self

Manchester United

When Manchester United lost to Cardiff city (0-2) at Old Trafford in the latter half of the     English premier league, many quoted this as Man U's biggest downfall in years. Well, it was not just about one game as United were left reeling down to the 6th spot even after showing some promising performances under their new manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer. 

While Manchester United fans were making all the hues and cries under the regime of former manager Jose Mourinho, they couldn’t really get what they looking for, even after his departure. United is falling to a new low every other year and although their management is looking into all the potential solutions in the same context, let us take you through to certain aspects which can bring this club, to its old self.

The recruitment policy of the Manchester United Board

When you are quoting “ Luke Shaw” as your player of the season, you must know that there’s some serious problem within the team squad. All these years, Manchester United have been able to create a legacy which the fans swear and live by but they have made a mockery of the same whilst simply running behind adding some more money in their bag. 

They have secured some big sponsors and logo partners but have not been able to bring that money into play for securing some big talent altogether.

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United must learn from their rivals Liverpool FC in the same regards as that have been the club which has transformed its overall football structure whilst bringing the best metrics on play to support their coaches, players, sports scientists, and statisticians. All of the potential players here must need to go through certain personality tests which measures their capabilities to go through that pain, adversity, and pressure on the match day. Teammates and coach testify their views on a certain player and that’s how that recruited player will go further to secure his place in the team squad. 

If we talk about Manchester United, they are simply playing a game of “stone, paper, scissors” whilst going for trading in the transfer market. Their owners( Glazer family) is simply treating this club as a chicken that is laying golden eggs every season irrespective of the fact that the club is going nowhere with its future. On the other side, they have Ed Woodward, who is no more than a failure to revive the old football culture at the theatre of dreams.

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Increase the strengths, but also look into the weaknesses

Full backs and central defense are two areas where Manchester United have been an absolute shocker over the past few years. They have looked solely dependent on their “David De Gea” factor all this time whilst the rest of the players were still looking getting off from last night’s hangover. There’s no creativity at all which you can look out in the central midfield instead of few chances that Pogba has been able to create in recent times. So if it is an “off day” for Pogba, forget about getting any real chance of getting something out of your midfield.

If we talk about Pogba as a player in Juventus, he was getting all the support from players like Andrea Pirlo and Claudio Marchisio.

Ed Woodward is certainly going the wrong way and his strategy of bringing the old horse “ Alexis Sanchez” was a complete failure altogether. Even when he looked up to Fred, the fans were quite amused and threw it back to him with some big placards during the United games. Looking into the forward line, even Marcos Rashford isn’t been able to deliver, expect some “bits and pieces” performances and Jesse Lingard, on the other side, is been found asking questions most of the times. 

This is where all of them makes down like a bunch of “ undercooked” players who are still figuring out what they are good at. You can only laugh and scratch your head being a United fan when you get to hear that it’s not Ander Hererra, but names like Ashley Young, Phil Jones, and Chris Smalling, who have made it into the books of United management for a pay rise.

No more “Old boys reunion” please!

Manchester United has become a spot of “Old boys reunion” in recent times and this is where the club has to pay the price. Everyone loved the arrival of Ole Gunner Solksjaer to the theater of dreams but no one looked at his past history as a manager. He was a complete failure at the Cardiff city and simply because him being an ex-United player, bringing him to Old Trafford doesn’t make any sense. Although he made united win 7 matches on a trot after Mourinho’s exit, the latter half summed up the story of his short reign at the Old Trafford.

United’s PR machinery along with all the former United players went gaga over his selection and everyone believed of him as the new SAF. On the other side, if we compare the hierarchy of boards in Liverpool and united, we can ascertain why the former is going great guns in recent times. Each of the board members in Liverpool hold a doctorate in sports management, business, and economics and if we compare that with United, all we get to see is Glazer family, Sir Alex Ferguson, Ed Woodward and Sir Bobby Charlton. There isn’t a qualified sports director and we are also hearing about rumors of Rio Ferdinand taking over the director of football role.

Last but not the least, think about Manchester United fans!

Even though Manchester United have to asses all the wrongs of the past, they have to keep the expectations of the fans alongside as well. Its a fact that the way to the top isn’t that easy with teams like City, Liverpool and Tottenham going great guns, it can always be achieved with a self-belief, along with the undying support of United fans. 

They must learn from a team like Boston Celtics, which rose from the ashes whilst bringing all those methods of expectation management in use. The players, managers and the board have to be answerable to everyone who cares about this club and this is how the real rebuilding process can proceed through.

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