The Best strikers in the world right now

The topic of the best strikers in the world is always a fascinating one to discuss for football fans around the globe. That said, in football, one of the only ways to win the match is to outscore your opponent by scoring more goals, this is the sole reason why major European football clubs with better strikers are currently dominating the world of football. For instance, Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez or any other strikers
has a big role to play in the success and demise of their respective clubs and national teams every now and then. While most of the football fans are still indulged in the “ Ronaldo vs Messi” debate, there are few other strikers in the world of football, who have made their space with exquisite skills and talent.

A striker’s role is quite multidimensional in a game of football. Not only he carries to the responsibility of planning and executing an attack on the opposite team during a match, but he is also the one who will drive the overall game with his pace, skill set and ability to deceive the opponent at crucial junctures. While all of the “Defense power” of the opposite team will be focused towards the striker, his role becomes quite critical amidst all the events around him. So, without further due, let’s take a look at some of the best strikers in the world right now.

5. Robert Lewandowski ( Poland)Current Club: Bayern Munich

Best striker in the World right now

Within a short period of time, Robert Lewandowski has made a big name in the Bundesliga and he is currently been considered as the best striker in the German league. It is all down to his great finishing skills and superb technique which has earned him great accolades for every team he played till now. Lewandowski started his football career in the year 2005 when he first started playing for the fourth division club in Poland, Delta Warsaw. Well he didn’t get the start he was dreaming of as he only managed to score just 4 goals in 12 matches played in his debut season.

Lewandowski then moved on to clubs like Legia of Warsaw II & Znicz Pruskow and the latter became the first club where he ended the season as the top scorer. This eventually earned him a promotion to the second tier with the same team and once again he showed his prowess whilst becoming the top scorer for the second consecutive season. Well that was something which earned him a switch to the top flight club Lech Poznan where he once again came out as the highest scorer for the season whilst taking his team to the “Ekstraklasa” title in the year 2009-10. This was the time when he already grabbed all the eyeballs in the football world and eventually secured a switch to the German club Borrusia Dortmund in the year 2010 itself.

Lewandowski witnessed a dream debut with the club and this saw him winning two successive Bundesliga titles along with the “ Top scorer” honor in the year 2011. He just didn’t stop there and took his team Borussia Dortmund to the UEFA champions league finals in the year 2013 whilst also ending up as the second top scorer in the league right behind the Portuguese magician Cristiano Ronaldo. Lewandowski then agreed to a transfer to the league rivals and German giant Bayern Munich on a free transfer right before the 2014-15 season. His debut with the German giants proved worth it as his team secured Five Bundesliga titles on a trot. Fans applauded his debut at the club and he delivered the same back with all the perfection.

4. Sergio Aguero( Argentina)Current club: Manchester City

Best striker in the World right now

Sergio Aguero, ( also famous with the name Kun Aguero) is one of the most sought after strikers in the English premier league right now and plays for the Manchester city club as a striker. Despite measuring just 1.73 meters, he has stood out above the rest with his great pace and dribbling skills in recent years with the team.

Aguero started his career at Argentina only when he first played for the club Independiante de Avellaneda in a match against the team of San Lorenzo de almagro. It was that dream afternoon of his football career, where his team director Oscar Ruggeri gave him a chance to debut for the team at a tender age of just 15 years. This made him the Youngest ever player to make a debut in the first division football in Argentina. Aguero didn’t get many chances during his initial years at the club and it was only in the year 2004-05, when he first gets to start for his team as a striker. Aguero went on to play 12 games for the Independente team and managed to score 5 goals in the process. Still, his magic started to unfold in the following season when he scored 18 goals in the 36 games played for the club and this was the time when he took his club to the title glory with all his immense talent and exquisite skills.

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His brilliance in the Argentine domestic football circuit grabbed the attention of major European clubs around and it was the Spanish club Atletico de Madrid, which grabbed this Young Turk to play for them in the 2006-07 seasons. His first season with the club was quite rusty and he only managed to score 7 goals in 42 games played over the entire season. Well, he left all the bad performances aside and rose up to the occasion for the club within the next season only whilst scoring 27 goals in 50 matches. He never looked back again and became a big name in the Spanish football in the coming years with 101 goals in the 234 matches that he played for the club until the year 2011.

His top-notch performances in the La Liga soon brought him into the radar of many major English clubs and it was Manchester City, who finally grabbed his services in a tug of war with other EPL clubs. Aguero has had a dream time with city and won 4 EPL titles, Two community shields,4 league cups and an FA cup in the whole process. Within his first season with city, he has shown everyone what he is capable of and has struck 30 goals in 48 games with an amazing goal ratio per game with an average of 0.63 this season. He is still flying nice and high with the team and scored 231 goals in 338 games played alongside. Talking about his performance with the Argentina national team, he has made his team won the U2O world cup twice and scored 38 goals so far during his celebrated career.

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3. Luis Suarez ( Uruguay)Current Club: Barcelona

Best striker in the World right now

Luis Suarez can probably be quoted as one of the most impactful strikers in the world of football right now and he is going great guns with his current club Barcelona whilst making them the 2018-19 La Liga champion in the process. We can certainly give it to his great ball control along with powerful striking which has made him a dominant name in the world of football currently.

Suarez kick-started his football career within his native country and went on to make his debut for the Nacional club, which is deemed as one of the most famous Uruguay clubs around. Suarez played in the 2005-06 season for the club and left a decent mark within his first season with the club with 12 goals in 34 games under his belt. It was then when he switched to the European continent whilst signing for the FC Groningen in Netherlands but stayed there for a very short time with 15 goals in 37 games to his name. He then left the club to sign for the Dutch Giants Ajax and that was the time when he excelled as a great footballer in the years to come. Playing for the Dutch club in the 2009-10 season, Suarez scored 49 goals in the 48 games and his average goals per game was an astonishing 1.02. That where he grabbed the eyeballs of some of the major English clubs and finally signed for Liverpool in the year 2011.

Suarez has had a dream time at Anfield and his stats of 82 goals in 133 games literally shows his greatness on the pitch over a 4 years period with the club. Although he went through a rough patch amidst a number of controversies to his name, he set all of them aside and signed for the Spanish giants Barcelona in the year 2014. It was a new birth for the career of this striker and he never looked back ever since then. As of now, he is having the time of his life with the club with 4 La Liga titles, 4 Kings Cups along with a UCL title and a World club championship under his kitty.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)Current club: Juventus

Best striker in the World right now.

When you talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, you are certainly mentioning one of the best strikers and one of the greatest footballers of this era who has got a huge fan base across every part of this globe. There maybe some fans around who would dispute his greatness but he has proved that every day in and out on the football pitch for whichever team he has played for till now. Quite recently he has joined his new club Juventus after completing his switch from the La Liga biggies “Real Madrid for some real good money.

Ronaldo started his football career as a teenager for the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon and played there for a season whilst scoring 5 goals in the 31 games that he played. Well, he couldn’t have asked for a better debut as his team went on to wins the Super Cup in the same season. It was there when he caught the attention of Sir Alex Ferguson( manager of the EPL club Manchester United) and then been brought into England to play for the club. He scored 6 goals in the 40 games within his debut season with the club but his dream run actually started by the year 2007 when he outscored all his counterparts with 42 goals in 49 games for his club. It was all his magic on the football pitch which made the Spanish giants Real Madrid to sign him eventually and that was where Ronaldo became “ One of the best in the world”.

Until he switched to Juventus, he scored 450 goals in 438 matched for Madrid which was quite phenomenal of a record for any football player in the world. His stint at Bernebeau saw him winning 4 UCL titles, 2 La Liga titles and 3 World club championships and this can probably be termed as a” Dream come true” for any footballer around. His current team Juventus has recently won the Italian Serie A and he has again played a major part in their victories by scoring 28 goals in 43 games during the season.

1. Lionel Messi ( Argentina)Current club: Barcelona

Best striker in the World right now

He is arguably the best striker in the world. Some call him a “magician”,  while others take him as a “ superhuman from another planet”. Such is the impact which this Argentinean footballer has made to the football world in all these years. Born in the city of Rosario, Messi joined the Spanish giants Barcelona at a young age after having a short stint with his former club Newell Old boys. Messi didn’t go through a series of health issues and injuries but he has overcome almost every difficulty in his decade long career with the club.

Messi went on to show his magic within his early years and during the 2008-09 season, he won his first triplet with the Barcelona team whilst putting his hand on the Golden Ball for the first time. Well, this was just the start as he won the honor 5 times with a record of being the youngest a footballer with the most number of Golden balls to his name.

Even though he generally plays as a winger for the Catalans, he has proved himself as a “Superhero” whilst netting 417 goals in 450 matches he played until now for the club. Moreover, he also made his team won 10 la Liga titles,4 UCL titles, 3 European super cups and 3 club world cups. He might be facing some serious challenge to his supremacy by players like Neymar, Mbappe, Kane, Salah or Hazard, it would still take them quite some time to reach the “level of excellence” Messi has created in the world of footballs overall these years.

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