Three reasons why AEW is better than WWE

AEW is better than WWE

WWE has its own rich legacy which they have carried quite efficiently over the years along with the worldwide support and love they got from their fans. Being a WWE fan, we all have witnessed that breathtaking action along with those epic moments ever since we started watching this sport. Still, the WWE has seen a downfall along with a big dip in their ratings in the recent years simply because of the lost “mojo” which they used to posses in the “Attitude era”. 

Well those were the times when WWE fans used to get glued to their TV sets whilst watching those epic clashes involving some great “ Rock bottoms”, “ Stunners” and “ Chokeslam” at the hand of their favorite WWE superstars.

Everything from the script quality to the speculations set during the events has failed to entertain the WWE fans and this is where other players in the Pro wrestling domains have crashed into the opportunity.AEW( All elite wrestling) has been one of the most talked about subjects in the Pro wrestling arena in recent times and within no time, it has grabbed the attention of most of the wrestling fans around. 

AEW is a dream project for the US Business tycoon Tony Khan and he has brought on some big names like Cody Rhodes, The Young bucks, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose and many others to this big forte. So while there are random talks about “whether AEW can overtake the big giant?”, let us take you through to three reasons why AEW is better than WWE.

No scripted sh*t!

We all remember that famous “ pipebomb” promo by the legendary CM punk and even though it was unscripted, it created a lot of buzz amongst the WWE fans. That was something which was bene l.oved and cherished most by the fans and that was also something which WWE didn’t pay much attention to. So here comes the AEW, which is been touted to be coming along without any scripted promos. Although we still have to wait and watch whether this goes true or not, the signs around looks promising.

Cody Rhodes, one of the big names in the Pro wrestling world, has got on board with AEW and he has promised the fans of not repeating the dead old scripted sh**it they are bored of watching in the wrestling arena. Although WWE also promised the same to its fans years back, they couldn’t live up to the promise for long and that can very well be quoted as a big reason of their downfall in the recent years.WWE fans were always complacent about the same but Vince McMahon and co. never paid much attention to it. So while AEW is around, we can surely give them an upper hand against their “ Big old rivals” in this aspect.

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Keeping it as real as it can be!

Over the past few years, WWE has become home to some of the most overprotected superstars in the wrestling arena. From Brock Lesnar, JohnCena, till Roman reigns; all of these big names have been allegedly touted as “over-favored” and “ overprotected” by the global WWE fan base. Well if we look deep inside the WWE roster, this can be found true as most of the other wrestlers have made to lose quite consistently whilst favoring these “ Big guns”.

Cody Rhodes also voiced his opinion in the same regards whilst explaining the policies and work culture at the AEW. He said that this is one of the biggest concerns which AEW is looking into and the fans can really look up to them for an unbiased and unfavorable approach towards any single superstar in the AEW arena. He further stated that AEW is quite concerned about the personal interest of all their superstars and they will ensure doing every bit possible to make them feel “equally important” like their wrestling counterparts. So if we go by his statement in the same aspect, we can ascertain that AEW is really working upon all the loopholes which WWE has left in their functionality and that comes as great news for all the wrestling fans around the world. No one wants to simply see a wrestler taking away all the credits ( even when he doesn’t deserve) and leave the other one with all the disappointment, every day in and out. Thus, we can say that “WWE’s pain is AEWs gain “in true regards.

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Finally, the WWE fans will have their say!

WWE fans are literally fed up of not getting the desired response to their call by the WWE management in regards to the content quality and overall set up. Just a few months back Brock Lesnar was booed big time after becoming the Universal champion and there were many fans who demanded him to be stripped off with the WWE title. WWE didn’t pay much attention to it until Lesnar was been beaten by Roman reigns at Summer slam 2018 (only to get his title back in the coming weeks). This left every fan in great disgust and they slowly started getting off from their “childhood love” out of sheer disappointment.

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Even now the fans have touted the “ Big monster” Braun strawman to be the WWE universal champion but he is not getting the favor he deserves even whilst being the most impactful entity in the entire WWE roster. Well this is where AEW has shown a promising future to the WWE fans whilst giving a big importance to their say in each of the elements. During some of their inaugural promotional events, the owners, directors and all the fellow wrestlers from AEW have confirmed that the fans will be the king at AEW and there call will be prioritized by every means possible.

Bottom line

Even though AEW has just taken off and got a long way to go, it has shown great signs of serving the best and most desirable content to all the wrestling fans worldwide, unlike WWE. This could very well be the reason why most of their events have been sold out minutes after the launch. So as WWE got some serious competition around in the name of AEW, wrestling fans will be the one to get benefitted the most out of this rivalry.

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