Opinion- Why the new Indian cricket team jersey sucks

New Indian jersey Sucks

New Indian Cricket Team Jersey finally came after days of speculations and rumors about the much talked "Orange jersey" for the Indian Cricket Team. BCCI finally pulled the curtains up from the “ away” kit for Men in Blue this cricket world cup 2019. 

The Men in blue will be seen donning a darker hue of their usual jersey color combined with Orange at the back. Although there were many fans who admired the “ Orange Jersey” at the first go, the number was quite huge for the ones who said that it “ sucks”. So, without further due, let's look at the reasons why the New Indian jersey sucks.

Indians cricket fans bleed blue and not “orange”!

BCCI received a lot of flak online and offline in regards to the Orange jersey and we found it quite justified in the same context. The color seems fine but the pattern is terribly drafted and this is what that didn’t go right with the Indian cricket fans. Some have even compared the players to “Petrol pump” workers whilst others are relating the “ Orange jersey” with a “ Surf Excel’ or a “ Bournvita” packaging, no pun intended. 

Don’t know what sort of vision is been put behind bringing this utmost sh**t forward and only BCCI can answer this question. Men in blues shall always stay blue and moreover, this is something which is connected to our sense of patriotism and dignity.

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Indian Orange Jersey and saffronisation

Although BCCI can be quoted as the only brainchild behind this “Orange jersey”, there are speculations of a political agenda behind the same. BJP has paved its way to the top in the recently concluded general elections and everyone is aware of their ‘ saffronisation” agenda trending across the country. 

If you don’t know what it is all about, the so-called “movement” is been started by BJP allies a few years back with a view of bringing everyone under the umbrella of “ Hinduism”. Within no time the movement turned into a political narrative and people were pushed to leave their religious beliefs whilst joining the Hinduism. This Orange jersey can be connected to the same agenda and even whilst it was getting launched, there was a lot of criticism it received from the opposition parties. Still, the government and the BCCI ignored all the calls and went through with their decision.

Orange jersey doesn’t symbolize “health” and “Childcare” by any means!

It has been reported that Indian Cricket team is going to wear an Orange jersey in order to support the “One day for the children” campaign by UNICEF. There were also banners everywhere during the India vs. England match which were encouraging people to make their contributions towards the same initiative. This is quite an appreciable step but the BCCI and the team must have given a logical thought about the overall selection of color in the same aspect. 

It's green and not orange which represents the “health and nature” in true regards and this is where thus Orange jersey is a big failure.

It would have been quite sensible if a team of some logical people would have set aside in order to design and review the “Orange’ Jersey and this blunder wouldn’t have happened. If we have to promote the campaign and attract people to come over with their own contributions in the same regards, we have to deliver at least some sense in return. On top of that, it was UNICEF which was been brought onboard in the midst of this controversial color selection so we can surely call it a big blunder.

In a nutshell

New Indian cricket team Jersey Orange does represent one of the colors of the Indian national flag and utmost respect must be given to it in all regards. Still, it doesn’t seem sensible by any means when you make a blunder out of the same and call it as a ‘jersey for the Indian national team”. Opinion from the fans and the experts must have been brought into the picture so as to get the best result forward. 

More or less, we can still hope and wish that the Indian cricket team wins the ICC world cup regardless of the “ set back,” they have received whilst wearing this Orange jersey against England and hopefully, we don’t ever have to go through this “ Orange” embarrassment again.

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