Zimbabwe cricket news: everything you should know about Zimbabwe cricket team suspension

Zimbabwe cricket team suspension news

The International Cricket Council ( ICC) has suspended Zimbabwe cricket team with immediate effect in the wake of some continuous interference by the country’s government in its cricket related matters. The statement was been released by the ICC after their meeting held in London this week, where the Zimbabwe cricket was found breaching Article 2.4(C) and (D) of the ICC constitution.
This is the first instance in the world of cricket where a Full member team is been suspended from participating in any form of cricket. A number of former and current players have expressed their grief and disappointment in the over the same decision. Well, if we look into the past, the African team is backed by a history of unfortunate events and their Test status was once been suspended in 2004 by ICC after a number of players withdrew from the team in the wake of their captain’s sacking by the cricket board.
Even though the ban was lifted a year later, this African team has always been under some dark clouds ever since then. The decision by ICC has dented the future hopes of all the players and officials of this team and most of them are now expected to be pushed through with forced retirement from International cricket.

What is the main reason behind the Zimbabwe cricket team's suspension?

It was a few months back when ICC received few complaints regarding the illicit use of the funds provided by them to the Zimbabwe cricket. It has been said that the Zimbabwe government is making use of these funds for other government-related programs and activities. Zimbabwe cricket was then been asked to submit a proof that there is no interference by the Zimbabwean government in its elections and day to day activities. Failing to the same, the ICC has found the Zimbabwe cricket in breach of Article 2.4 ( C) and ( D) and got immediately suspended after a unanimous decision by its member boards in the London meeting.
As per the official statement released by ICC,” "Zimbabwe Cricket has been suspended with immediate effect. The ICC Board unanimously decided that Zimbabwe Cricket, an ICC Full Member, is in breach of Article 2.4 (c) and (d) of the ICC Constitution which imposes an obligation on Members to provide a process for free and democratic elections and to ensure that there is no government interference in its governance and/or administration for cricket respectively," the ICC said in a statement.

What will be the duration of suspension for Zimbabwe cricket?

The ICC hasn’t given any clarification on the duration of the suspension period for the Zimbabwe cricket but they are most likely to review the decision in the next meeting scheduled to be held in October. If the Zimbabwe cricket board doest reinstate itself within the given period, they could be expelled until further notice.

What will be the consequences on the Zimbabwe cricket team out of the same?

Zimbabwe cricket would get a huge blow to all its cricket operations after the recent decision by ICC. Moreover, all their funding from ICC has been frozen with immediate effect and their national team is prohibited from participating in any of the ICC events until further notice. It must be mentioned that the ICC women’s T20 World cup qualifiers are starting from 31 august and even the Men’s T20 world cup qualifiers are also scheduled for a start in the month of October. This way, it will be really hard for the Zimbabwe cricket team to ensure their participation in either of the Mega events next year.

Has any team been suspended in the same manner earlier, like the Zimbabwe cricket team?

There have been few instances in the past where many teams have faced suspension or escaped suspension by a near margin. It was in 2015 when the Sri Lankan cricket board was on the verge of facing the same suspension under the regular intervention by their respective governments in the cricketing affairs. On the other side, associate nations like Croatia and Zambia have faced suspension on the same grounds in the same year.
Other Associate nations like the USA, Nepal, and Morocco have also fallen to the same fate but their suspension period has been limited after the required assurance given by the respective boards in the same regards.

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